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I LOOOOOOOOVE this site!

I LOOOOOOOOVE this site! You’re truly doing great important work. I love that a friend has a website that I legit rely on and go to all the time. I’m even scooping up all the face creams you showed in your nighttime routine.

Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez


The Community Is So Supportive

I was excited to start the Get Strong Over 40 fitness program, but I had no idea how much fun it would be.  The way it is structured helped me challenge myself to take time for me and to stay creative and consistent. The community was so supportive and really kept me going to stay motivated. It was a win-win!

Michelle Lopes Maldonado

Fresh and Inclusive Perspective

Modern Aging offers a fresh and inclusive perspective of the current trends and evolving ideas on the topic of aging well. As a fitness strategy consultant, caregiver and modern aging woman, it’s a great resource for all my clients and colleagues.

Daisy Sola Lespier

Classical Pilates Teacher Author, Go for the Thrill - Expanding Your Vision of Exercise

Learn Innovative Ways to Care For Loved Ones

When I was caregiving for my parents, I felt alone, but other caregivers shared their stories with me. That’s why sites like Modern Aging are so important. Caregivers can learn innovative ways to care for their loved ones. Find them, use them, and share them.

(Ret.) Maj. Gen. Tony Taguba

AARP Community Ambassador

Innovative Vision and Heart

Modern Aging provides the world of aging with the innovative vision and heart we need to usher in a new era of culturally competent care from an international perspective.

Vanessa Faraj

National Organizer Caring Across Generations


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Health Insurance in Mexico for Expats

Health Insurance in Mexico for Expats

So, you’re moving to Mexico and thinking about how you’ll handle your healthcare. The country is known for its outstanding medical care, but what about insurance? Health insurance in Mexico for expats is essential.  Just because medical care is more affordable in Mexico doesn’t mean you should opt to pay out of pocket. It can still add up quickly and…

Cancun vs Tulum: Which Paradise Is Better for Retirement

Cancun vs Tulum: Which Paradise Is Better for Retirement

Trying to decide between Cancun vs Tulum for retirement isn’t as easy as you think. Yes, they have totally different vibes which will dictate your lifestyle. Still, one may be perfect for a getaway while the other may be ideal for life.  On the other hand, the tried and true touristy one may not be what you want for a…

Is It Safe to Retire in Mexico? What Retirees Need To Know

Is It Safe to Retire in Mexico? What Retirees Need To Know

It’s happening! You’ve decided to retire in Mexico! You’ve been dreaming about this for decades, and the time is finally now! You are bursting at the seams and telling everyone!  And their response? What? Are you insane? Mexico is dangerous! You’ll be kidnapped!  We know. We hear it time and time again. Mexico is not safe. It’s all over the…


7 Best Herbs for Women’s Health

7 Best Herbs for Women’s Health

For thousands of years, herbs have been used as medicine.  We only recently started reaching for a tablet before we looked to nature. But things are changing, and many of us realize there are better answers to some health challenges than intense pharmaceuticals. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for both in our world, but botanical medicine can be…

CBD Flower Benefits: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

CBD Flower Benefits: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

In recent years, CBD has become the answer to the health, wellness, and medical scene. Yes, it’s a bit alternative to what we are used to, but when everyone from anxiety sufferers to chemo patients are touting its advantages, who could look the other way?  CBD flower benefits have become a sort of media darling. I mean, who would rather…



Dream Retirement In Mexico

View of Mexico | Modern Aging

Learn all you need to know before you make the decision to move or retire in Mexico – hear from experts in real estate, healthcare, banking, accounting, expats who have made the move, and more.

Get Strong Over 40: Beginners Strength Training For Women Over 40

Woman Lifting Weights | Modern Aging

12-week Beginner’s Strength Training Class made specifically for women over 40 with fitness trainer Tina Tang.

Medical Cannabis and CBD For Women’s Health

Woman With Cannabis Plant | Modern Aging

Integrative Cannabis Physician Dr. June Chin teaches the science behind medical cannabis and CBD as well as ways to personally treat a myriad of women’s health conditions including stress, anxiety, pain, menopause, PMS, and more.


Be Well Stay Well

be well stay well exercise

Live and On Demand Pilates and other movement classes for bodies that have been places. 7 Day Free Trial available – Click below for more info.


women cycles

Health courses for women by women. Your companion on issues that are tabooed, embarrassing and reduce life quality.



Daily presence and mindfulness is essential. Treat your brain with kindness.


Choose your people wisely. Surround yourself in an environment that brings joy and peace.


Move every single day as though your life depends on it.  Because it does.


Nourish your body with real, whole foods, and mostly plants.


All your bodily systems are interconnected and have a cascading effect when one is not functioning properly.


Manage your money and budget accordingly to reduce stress

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