Podcast Ep 2: Top Reasons To Retire in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Podcast Ep 2: Top Reasons To Retire in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In this episode of Modern Aging, host Risa Morimoto chats with her friend and real estate agent Taniel Chemsian in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They talk about the top reasons why you will want to consider Mexico as a retirement spot. 

In November 2001, Taniel visited Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the first time. He was living in LA at the time, but he felt ready to leave the stress of living in a big city. After a total of 6 visits to Vallarta, Taniel finally moved to Vallarta in 2003. Taniel has been living in Puerto Vallarta ever since and loving it.  He since became a real estate agent selling properties  He shares his top five reasons why Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place to live in retirement in Mexico

In this conversation with Taniel, he answers practical questions about Puerto Vallarta —What is the cost of living? How is the health insurance? Do you need a car?—to help you decide whether it is a suitable place to live for you. They also get into fun topics like the beautiful weather, vibrant social atmosphere, and the breathtaking beaches. Listen and let Risa and Taniel take you with them to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

What’s In This Episode

00:00-00:45 Intro

00:59-01:34 How did Taniel land in Mexico?

01:35- 02:19 Why leave LA?

02:20-02:51 Why Puerto Vallarta? 

02:52-03:50 How to decide where to retire 

03:51-10:23 Top 5 reasons why Puerto Vallarta is a good place to retire

04:06-05:01 Weather in Puerto Vallarta

05:02- 05:36 Environment/Topography of Puerto Vallarta

05:37-06:01 Puerto Vallarta City life, walkable 

06:02-06:36 Convenience in Puerto Vallarta

06:37-10:23 Cost of living in Puerto Vallarta

6:50-7:53 Health insurance in Mexico vs. in the United States

7:53-8:44 Cost of living in LA

8:45-8:50 Property tax

9:00-10:23 Real estate and transportation

10:24-11:40  Beaches

11:40-13:56 Social Life 

13:57-17:05 Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

17:05-17:36 Investment Property

17:37-18:37 Misconceptions about Mexico

18:38-19:54 Why travel the world

19:55-22:05 Where to go on your first visit to Puerto Vallarta

22:05-22:40   Food and restaurants

22:41-25:27 Closing and final tips from Taniel

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About Taniel 

Taniel Chemsian is a Senior Sales Associate at Timothy Real Estate Group, representing some of the finest properties and condominium developments in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. –with a reach that spans the globe from his base in this seaside Pacific Coast tropical resort destination. Taniel specializes in matching luxury clientele with the perfect second homes vacation getaways, income properties, and retirement residences, Taniel helps make his client’s goal a reality.

His strong market presence and track record for excellence did not go unnoticed by the producers of HGTV’s popular real estate series, “House Hunters International.”   Taniel has become a regular on the series, featured on the show more than any other agent in North America.

Taniel is a long-standing member of AMPI (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) – Puerto Vallarta Chapter, and a registered International REALTOR® with NAR International.

Shortly after relocating to Puerto Vallarta, he joined the area’s most prestigious real estate brokerage, Timothy Real Estate Group, where he became the Senior Sales Associate.

Throughout the years, Taniel has developed an unparalleled knowledge of the local Puerto Vallarta market along with a strong philosophy of transparency, integrity and professionalism.  Along with using the latest tools and technology available, this combination has led him to consistently deliver the best results for his clients and earned him a reputation for being one of the area’s top producing real estate professionals.