5 Minute Workout At Home For Beginners – You Are Never Too Old To Be A Beginner

5 Minute Workout At Home For Beginners – You Are Never Too Old To Be A Beginner
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The Covid pandemic is still here. Working from home has become a part of our routine but that means many of us are not working out as much as we should. Our days are consumed by Zoom, Skype or Google Meetings rather than ab workouts, push ups and pull ups. This workout at home to lose weight will help you get healthy as well.

There will be more serious consequences on your healthy especially if you are over 50 if you choose not to exercise at home. This over 50 workout is ideal and a great beginner workout at home. You don’t need any fancy weights or equipment. This is a great workout for beginners and an indoor workout so you can do it in between your Zoom calls.

Fitness Coach Tina Tang shares 3 simple exercise snacks as she calls them – hip openers for those of us who sit all day long. Take a break from looking at your computer and do these 5 minute exercises and sprinkle them throughout the day. Ideally 3 or 4 times per day is great. You will receive the full cumulative benefit!! Once the Covid-19 quarantine is over, you can continue to do this exercise routine at work!

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