9 Best CBD Strains for Anxiety: Everything You Need to Know

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Best CBD Strains for Anxiety

Real talk: the world is an anxious place these days. Our collective stress and anxiety levels are off the charts, and we all use a lil somethin-somethin to feel better.

Almost 2 million people around the world use cannabis in some form or other. Their primary goal? To relieve stress and anxiety. 

But with more than 700 strains of cannabis out there, where to start? What are the best CBD strains for anxiety? That’s enough to stress me out, how about you? 

So, I’m here to narrow it down and get you started with the best CBD strains for anxiety.

But first, let’s address the 6-foot bong in the room…

How can cannabis help people with anxiety when, paradoxically, it can cause it for others? 

Some people take cannabis (whether you are smoking it, vaping it, or eating it) and feel the mellow zen and giggles of Cheech and Chong. 

Others, like me, turn into a freakshow of paranoia and panic. Def not suitable for the anxiety levels I’m trying to temper. 

Why is that?  Does CBD really work for anxiety?

The answer is THC – the psychoactive component in cannabis responsible for getting you stoned. For making you feel like Brad Pitt smoking weed from a honey bear in True Romance. 

Too much THC can overstimulate the amygdala, causing anxiety for some people. And if you’re prone to anxiousness, a THC-laden strain of marijuana may worsen that feeling and even bring on a panic attack. It may make you wonder if there really is a “best CBD strain for anxiety” or if it’s all a myth.

Until designer strains of cannabis cropped up on the scene, most people just used what they could find. But now, we can actually choose how much of the mellow-inducing CBD we get vs. the amount of psychoactive THC we ingest. Therefore we can get the best CBD strains for anxiety, the best CBD strains for pain, and the best CBD strains for depression–we just have to know where to look.

Finding CBD high and THC low strains is the answer to reducing anxiety without getting high and going into a panic. These strains wash over the whole cannabis industry with a warm and mellow glow reserved for those who use it to calm the F down when life gets too much.

They, my friends, are the special sauce.That being said, having even a little bit of THC mixed with CBD has beneficial results. It’s called the entourage effect. There is a symbiotic relationship between the two cannabinoids, causing them to boost each other’s efficacy.

CBD Strain for Anxiety | Modern Aging

What Are High CBD Strains Good For?

High CBD levels have a calming effect while keeping you alert and clear-headed. They are perfect for daytime use. They’ll keep you mellow and anxiety-free without rendering you couchbound or feeling like you just smoked a bong with Willie Nelson. 

So,  the best CBD high strain for anxiety, depression and pain can help all sorts of things…

Got anxiety? CBD all the way!

Got migraines? Oh heyyyy, CBD.

Got hot flashes? You betcha! CBD

Got social anxiety disorder? CBD for the win!

Got sleep problems? Yup, you guessed it, CBD. 

I could go on, but I think you’ve got me. The point is, CBD can help with a load of ailments, pains, and challenges, not least of all stress and anxiety disorders. 

The challenge is finding which strain works best for you. What is the best CBD strain for anxiety and stress? And that takes some experimentation…

CBD Flower Strain for Anxiety | Modern Aging

What to keep in mind when trying to find the best CBD strain for anxiety

It’s not easy to pick the best CBD strain for anxiety because it’s not one size fits all. 

The worst strains for anxiety are any that are THC dominant. Those suckers are going to knock you for a loop and possibly make you feel even more stressed. 

So, you’ll have to experiment. 

It could be worse, right? 

CBD levels need to be high enough to reduce the anxiety or stress you are going through. 

If you don’t want to get high, start by adding THC little by little to get the perfect effect you are looking for. 

But no matter what, CBD levels should always be balanced or higher than the THC levels. 

So, here is what you’ve been waiting for… some of the best CBD strains for anxiety on the market today.  

Let’s start rolling. Integrative Cannabis Physician Dr. June Chin and co-Founder of CBD shop Artemis in NYC, Wendy Nguyen, share some of the most effective CBD products on the market and how to best take it (especially if you are a newbie to medical cannabis and CBD).

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Because there is little to no regulation on medical cannabis, these anxiety-reducing strains will differ from one vendor or dispensary to another–it can be hard to find the best CBD strains for anxiety However, they will still have the same overall profile. For example, one strain from one brand might have 15% CBD while another brand has 14%. I gave rough percentages in this post just to give you an idea of the amounts.

Another thing to note is that when you purchase CBD products online or over the counter, by law there can only be up to .3% THC in the product.   If you require more THC, then you need to see a physician like Dr. June Chin who uses an integrative approach to prescribe Cannabis and CBD to her patients, to give them the best CBD strain for anxiety and depression. She can evaluate you so that you can get your Medical Cannabis card and visit a dispensary.  Cannabis is still illegal in many states and countries though that is definitely changing as doctors, scientists and lawmakers acknowledge its powerful healing properties.

Woman Holding CBD Plant | Modern Aging
Dr. June Chin at Hudson Hemp Farm, Summer 2021

In fact, we at Modern Aging are developing an Essential Guide to Cannabis and CBD for Women’s Health course with Dr. Chin to launch Fall 2021 so keep an eye out for it!

Okay back to the strains. What are the best CBD strains for anxiety?

Sour Space Candy (14% CBD:<1% THC)

Sour Space Candy is a variety of hemp flower that is perfect for daytime use. It has lasting uplifting effects without the high. It’s one of the best strains for anxiety and focus and is super calming. It’s relaxing yet high functioning at the same time while keeping you anxiety-free to boot. This is a perfect example of a high CBD low THC strain, and is one of the best CBD strains for anxiety.

ACDC (19%+ CBD:1% THC)

This CBD hemp flower strain is often used for pain and joint relief as well as to treat stress and anxiety. It is a sativa strain which means it’s more of a body buzz than a mind buzz. It’s also a top contender for medical cannabis for all sorts of severe things like epilepsy and treating the adverse side effects of chemo. It’s one of the highest CBD strains on the market, making it one of the best CBD strains for anxiety relief. 

Elektra (17% CBD:1% THC) 

Elektra is another super high strain of CBD for pain and anxiety. Its name comes from its mood-boosting and energizing effects. Elektra is a perfect daytime strain because of the CBD to THC ratio. 

This is an excellent low THC high CBD strain to start off with, especially if you don’t want any psychoactive effects. This is especially good as a CBD strain to help with anxiety and depression, and if you’re wondering “does CBD help with social anxiety?” the answer here is Yes.

Remedy (14% CBD:<1% THC)

It’s called Remedy for a reason. Its high CBD content sole gig is to calm you. Period. It’s all about a peaceful mindset with basically no psychoactive effects. Besides being a great CBD strain for anxiety, it’s been used in the treatment of seizures, pain, and inflammation. 

And it has a lemon-pine scent when you take it, so not only will it help you find your zen, it’ll make you cheerful with its happy earthy scent. 

Sour Tsunami (11% CBD: <7% THC)

This CBD strain is one of the first to be bred specifically for cannabis consumers wanting high CBD levels. So, it’s an oldie but a goodie and a perfect CBD flower for anxiety.

It does have some THC, but it’s definitely CBD dominant. It’s also known for its anti-depression relief. It’s sativa heavy, so between that and the THC level, it’s known to combat pain, inflammation and anxiety. 

Cannatonic (17% CBD: <6% THC)

This is one of the most common strains for its anti-anxiety effects. It has uplifting and relaxing qualities with barely any psychoactive effects. It’s known as one of the best high CBD strains for anxiety out there–it’s one of the best high CBD strains period. It is often used as half of a hybrid marijuana strain for other well-known anti-anxiety strains like Canna-Tsu.

Canna-Tsu (11% CBD: 8% THC)

Canna-Tsu is a hybrid of Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. 

It’s a CBD dominant strain, but with a hearty dose of THC, this one can pack a punch. It’s not for newbies, but it won’t get you totally stoned either. Instead, you’ll get the mellow buzz of a high CBD cannabis which will help anxiety while keeping you focused. That said, it’s suitable for day or nighttime.

Harle-Tsu (11% CBD:<1% THC)

This is one of the best CBD strains for anxiety which will get you relaxed, but not zoned, or stoned for that matter. It has virtually zero THC. It’s also good for pain and inflammation relief and to lower stress levels, and boost moods. 

Bubba Kush (10% CBD: 8+% THC)

The thing about good ol’ Kush is that it packs a wallop. This has roughly a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

Any Kush strain is a potent form of cannabis and not to be taken lightly. And Bubba Kush CBD flower is def a nighttime strain because it’s known to help imbibers coast into a lovely slumber. In addition, it relaxes the mind and the body with its anti-anxiety and strong sedative effects. 

As with any Kush, you’re going to feel high, so it’s best not to start with this strain. This one isn’t the best CBD flower for anxiety if you are new to Cannabis and have severe anxiety. Instead, it’s better for a seasoned pro who wants a little mellow-me-out combined with a good sleep aid.

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The Final Smoke

Remember, this is medicinal marijuana, which means it’s powerful. It’s not the stuff you used to find along the highway. So don’t jump into the deep end and load up with THC for the fun of it. Because it’s not fun. Take it from me. I was once so over THC’ed that I laid paralyzed for 7-hours on my couch. My hubs had to feed me water from a sippy cup because I couldn’t use my arms. It wasn’t fun. I can assure you. 

Not to mention the ribbing I get when he tells that story to friends. 

If you want to learn more about the science behind cannabis and CBD and how it can help provide relief for many of your ailments (as well as how to buy and what to buy), then check out Medical Cannabis and CBD For Women’s Health with integrative cannabis physician Dr. June Chin.

If, at the end of the day, after you’ve experimented with all these CBD flower strains, you can always give edibles and CBD oil a shot. We can help you find the best CBD strain for anxiety.

With a bit of patience, you’ll find the best CBD strain for anxiety. Ya know, the perfect one that feels like you’re snuggling up with your coziest blanket on a rainy Sunday. It’s out there.

A quick word of note: 

If you have an anxiety disorder, talk to your doc, a professional, about your options. Especially if you are on meds. I’m in no way a medical pro, so don’t take any of this as medical advice.  This article is for educational purposes only.  I’m just a writer with a penchant for a good toke.


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