Podcast 35: Caregiving Tips for Aging Parents


Caring for aging parents at home comes with a lot of stress and anxiety, but we can avoid it by preparing early and making a plan. In this episode, Retired Army General Tony Taguba shares his experiences with at-home senior care for his parents. If you are a caregiver or family caregiver and you are worried or feel unprepared, you are not alone. When Tony’s mom was diagnosed with cancer, it caused major stress for the entire family because Tony and his seven siblings were thrown into caregiving for both parents without a plan. Whether you are a caregiver or not, this episode is worth a listen. We talk about respite care, parent home care, sharing the responsibilities with siblings and how to not make the same mistakes in non medical home care.  

What’s in this Episode?

0:00 Dream Retirement

0:52 Family caregivers

1:23 Meet Tony Taguba

3:45 Feeling unprepared to care give

5:37 Tension between family members

6:06 Setting a schedule for caregiving

8:30 Balance between work and caregiving

10:00 Lessons that Tony learned from caregiving

11:40 Having a checklist

12:14 Prepared to care: available online

12:37 Taking care of yourself

13:50 Standing by for phone calls

15:25 The importance of Geriatrics 

16:14 Pharmacist and pharmacologist 

17:50 Why go to a pharmacologist?

19:05 Social security insurance

20:40 Having conversations early

24:13 Taking care of your health

25:05 Exercising 

26:47 End of life questions

31:01 What do we need to be doing better

33:48 Entertainment for family members

What You Will Learn

  • Tony Taguba’s experience with caregiving for family
  • Resources to help you navigate the symptoms of  illnesses
  • How to care for family members
  • How to take care of yourself
  • The importance of communication
  • What we need to do better

Prepared to Care Planning Guide



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