Complete Tooth Wellness with Holistic Dental Care

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Complete tooth wellness can only be done with a mix of treatments that work on your whole mouth. You can also improve your oral health by using natural products instead of OTC ones.

Ask for Alternative Fillings

Even today, many dentists use mercury for fillings. Mercury is a poisonous substance that can hurt your health as a whole. About half of the filling is mercury, and the other half is a mix of tin, silver, and copper. The amount of mercury in your blood goes up with the number of fillings you have. Even if you’ve had these fillings for years with no problems, a reputable dentist can help remove and replace mercury fillings. These could be causing harm to your overall health.

Maintain Acidity Levels

Your oral health is directly affected by what you eat. Because they wear away the enamel, acidic foods are one of the main things that can hurt your teeth. So try to eat alkaline foods like beans, fruits, and greens to keep your body’s pH at a healthy level. A place that is too acidic is a good place for bacteria, disease, decay, and inflammation to grow. Eating an alkaline diet can help counteract these effects and help your organs and body as a whole work better.

Complete Tooth Wellness Includes Cleaning Your Tongue

The bacteria on other parts of your mouth, like your tongue, can make your teeth sick. If you don’t clean your tongue regularly, dead cells, bits of food, toxins, and bacteria can build up on it. This can lead to tooth decay and poor overall health. So, you should buy a tongue cleaner that can scrape away any leftover food. You can get these for a low price, and they work very well. Even more so if your tongue is always covered with a white film that causes bad breath.

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Use Holistic Toothpaste

Fluoride is one of the many chemicals in store-bought toothpastes that are bad for your health. So choose toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate in it. Even though both of these ingredients are in most over-the-counter toothpastes, they can hurt other parts of the body and lead to health problems. Fluoride, parabens, and sulfates are not in toothpastes like RiseWell. And they contain Hydroxyapatite, the same mineral that makes up your teeth.

Swap Flossing for Irrigation

Flossing is a traditional treatment for teeth. But it is often made of chemicals that can harm you. Chemicals are often put on the surface of dental floss to help it slide easily between teeth. Home irrigation is becoming trendy these days and doesn’t cost much. Irrigation works by spraying water jets between your teeth to remove debris. The effects are as good as or identical to OTC floss products. Additionally, they are more eco-friendly and sustainable.

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You can get complete tooth wellness holistically. First, find a dentist who knows how to get rid of mercury. Then make sure to clean your tongue, but don’t floss. Instead, use irrigation.


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