Get Strong Over 40 is a 12-week Beginner Strength Training Program made especially for women over 40 who have little to no experience strength training.  The goal is to complete 2 different full body strength training workouts each week. Each workout lasts 15-20 minutes. It can be done in one sitting or piecemeal throughout the day. Either way, it will be counted towards completing the workout. For those with injuries, chronic illness or limited mobility, modified versions of the workouts are also available.

The workout videos are pre-recorded so they can be done remotely on your own time. There is group coaching — you can ask Coach Tina questions about form or other issues in the private Facebook group or email. We recommend you team up with a friend or colleague for accountability and to make it more fun! 😀

There’s some equipment that we recommend you purchase for this course for maximum results, but it is not absolutely necessary.  There are modifications if you do not want to make the investment.  We make purchase recommendations inside the course. The most important goal is for participants to start a new healthy, long-term habit to build strength.



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