Dream Retirement in Mexico

What You Need to Know BEFORE You Move, Retire and Live in Mexico

Have you dreamed of retiring to Mexico one day?

You are a dreamer who loves to travel.  You are an adventurer and have a penchant for tacos and warm weather, but have never lived abroad so you are unsure of what to ask, what to do but you are ready to make this dream happen. Or perhaps you love Mexico, and have often thought of building a life there, and need the right motivator to get started. If this is you, then you are in the right place.

This Program is for You If You Are…

Rethinking Your Life

The pandemic means you can work remotely now and have always wanted to live in Mexico. You are over 40 now, so why not start enjoying life now and not wait until you are of retirement age?

Started To Think About Retirement

You are still working but are starting to think about your retirement options. You’ve been to Mexico and loved it. You want to do some intial research on what it takes to retire there.

Close To Retiring

You have thought about retiring abroad, but perhaps haven’t landed on a specific country yet. You are looking for more info so that you can make a sound decision on this next chapter of your life.

Retired, but Itching To Make A Move

You have been dreaming of warmer weather and seeking adventure. You may be scared to make the leap because you haven’t done anything like this before and don’t know what it entails, but you are officially curious.

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By The End of This Program, You Will

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Know whether or not Mexico is the retirement destination of your dreams.


Have a good idea where in Mexico you want to put down roots.


Know what it takes to buy or rent property in Mexico.


Understand your healthcare options.


Understand the tax implications (as a US citizen) working and/or living in Mexico.


Hear from other expats who have moved to varioius parts of Mexico.


What People are Saying

It is quite different buying a property in Mexico than in the U.S. The purchase was quite a process that would never have been consummated had it not been for the help and education provided by Taniel
Ross Mossler
Taniel is a great listener and coupled with his experience in real estate – I believe that it brings success for both parties involved. He has been very good at explaining ownership in Mexico
Bonnie Muenz


2 Monthly Payments of


One Time Payment of


7 Modules Teaching What You Need To Know To Move Or Retire To Mexico

Interviews with Experts in Real Estate, Lawyer, Accountant, Banker, Doctor, Healthcare Specialist, Dentist, Veterinarian

Hear from Expats Who Live in Mexico

Helpful PDF Tip Sheets

Contact List of Speakers in the Program

Plus These Bonuses To Help You Make The Right Decision


2 Monthly Payments of


One Time Payment of


Plus You’ll Be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee.

We get it.  Life happens.  While we hope that doesn’t happen to you as this course can be a great resource throughout your moving process, and we feel confident that the information is invaluable, we understand that sometimes you need to get your money back.

We guarantee that we will return your money within 14 days of purchase if you are not satisfied. 

Still ‘Thinking About It’?

Is It Time to Get Out of Analysis Paralysis?

·  You’ve thought about this for a long time.  Maybe years.  This is a small investment to get all the knowledge in one package.  Yes of course you can probably dig deep into the black holes of the internet to find most of the information, but that itself will likely take months, if not years.

·  It’s a small investment for a lot of knowledge. 

·  It can’t replace actually going to Mexico but we have created a packaged program where you get all the major knowledge you need to do

You are dying to make a change, or know that you want more in life.

We Cannot Wait to Guide You Through This Program

There is no substitute for living abroad. 

If you have thought about, dreamed about moving to Mexico, then you owe it to yourself to at least know what it will take.   You will be introduced to people who have already made the leap as well as learn from experts who you can connect with when the time comes and you need their services.

We are excited to get started with you.  You deserve this.  And we’ll all have virtual margaritas at the end!

All our best,

Risa and Taniel


2 Monthly Payments of


One Time Payment of



veronica alvarado

Veronica Alvarado

Real Estate Agent, San Miguel de Allende

alma pietra

Alma Piedra

Founder, Vallarta Dream Rentals

bryant palma

Bryant Palma

Private Banking Manager, Grupo Financiero Monex


Taniel Chemsian

Real Estate Agent, Puerto Vallarta

dr marquez

Dr. Fernando Marquez

Joya Hospital, Puerto Vallarta

cindy duchateau

Cindy DuChateau

CPA, Founder, BNC Tax and Accounting Services

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