Move To Mexico:
Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta
LIVE Webinar

Monday, Aug 16, 2021 | 7 pm EST

$19 USD

This event has passed but you can get the replay and hear the inside scoop from expats who recently made the move!

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • What it took to make the move to Mexico
  • What it is really like to live in Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta
  • Hacks and shortcuts on how to make a smooth transition to Mexico
  • True cost of living, healthcare, residency and more

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Special Guests

glen and tracey muir

Glen and Tracey Muir

Glen and Tracey originate from South Africa and have two children: Savannah and Michael. Their love for travel and adventure is a constant, having lived and worked in multiple countries around the globe. They have also gained citizenship in Canada and the USA over the past 20 years. They have a penchant for beautiful homes and moved to the Cabo San Lucas area in 2020 amidst the pandemic.  Often referred to as G&T, they work as the Dynamic Duo, they obtained their real estate licenses and now help others find homes in the Cabo area.

randy and craig

Randy Bennett, Craig Strong

Randy has been called a guru of improvisational comedy. He has taught over 3,000 students in his 35-year career and is one of the original members of The Groundlings, LA’s premiere Improv Theatre Company. Randy and his husband of 40 years, Craig Strong, have a son, Alexander, who they adopted from Romania when he was 3 in 2003.  They vacationed throughout Mexico for many years before deciding to purchase a condo in Puerto Vallarta. They retired to Mexico from New Mexico in 2017. 

Moderated by Risa Morimoto and Taniel Chemsian from Dream Retirement in Mexico

If you have thought about, dreamed about moving to Mexico, then you owe it to yourself to at least know what it will take.   

Taniel moved to Puerto Vallarta from Los Angeles in 2003, became a real estate agent in 2006, and has never looked back.  Risa has traveled the world exploring different cities and always circles back to Mexico for its many comforts of home, warm people, vibrant culture, amazing weather, and of course who can forget their mouth-watering, delectable food. 

We invited 2 couples who have successfully made the move to Mexico so that you can hear firsthand what it takes, what mistakes they made, and some hacks on how you can create a smooth transition to paradise.

See you there!

Risa and Taniel