Covid-19 Long Haulers: Symptoms For 14 Weeks and Counting, Treatment and Recovery

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We are officially a year in on the Covid-19 pandemic, and finally there is light at the end of the tunnel with the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines. The fear and anxiety levels are still high though and people are continuing to get sick. Some people are now being called Long Haulers — people who have had lingering Covid-19 symptoms that just don’t seem to go away — excessive fatigue, dry cough, on and off fever. Fitness trainer Amanda Thebe is one of those people. She lives in one of in Houston, Texas. Amanda is healthy conscious (she’s a fitness trainer, how much more health conscious can one be??!!) and she is on week 14 and counting!!

Amanda shares her initial symptoms, visits to the doctor, treatment at home, and her long road to recovery…which she is still on. She talks about getting tested and her results, with a warning to all those getting tested.

*NOTE: Since this interview, she has fully recovered. She had lingering symptoms for a total of 17 weeks. Others are reporting symptoms for up to 6 months.


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I have been documenting various people’s experience with Covid-19 since March 2020. It all started when my husband and daughter contracted it back in March (wow – that feels like a long time ago!)

We posted a video on it which you can watch here.

Then I did a video of my daughter’s recovery…

Coronavirus Chronicles: My Daughter Shares Her Symptoms and Recovery

For those who are fighting symptoms, drink lots and lots of liquids. Go see your doctor. You will defeat this illness. And self- isolate — I can’t stress that enough… don’t get others sick! Make sure to wear a mask and keep washing your hands.

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