Podcast Ep 23: How to Reach Your Ideal Weight

Podcast Ep 23: How to Reach Your Ideal Weight


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If you’ve gained weight from being at home all the time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. However, it is a new year and time to shed some of the quarantine pounds. Before we get started on the 9 tips that Risa shares to help you reach your ideal weight, you need to recognize that we are bio-individuals which means that we all have different body types and sizes. So, even if you and I are the same height, we may have different ideal weights. 

Nutrition is key whether you are looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. One tip to is cut out sugary drinks such as sodas and juices. Opting for plain water is the best option. If you don’t like plain water or find it hard to drink enough water, try getting a reusable water bottle that you like or one that keeps track of how much water you drink throughout the day to motivate you. To add some natural flavor to your water,  try putting your favorite fruit in water or sparkling water. 

When it comes to nutrition, eat mostly whole foods. Healthy fats and complex carbs nourish your body and signals to the brain that you are full. When you increase your consumption of healthy fats, you will find that you have less cravings. Healthy fats include fish, avocado, and olive oil. Complex carbs also are important because they take longer to break down and keep you full longer. Complex carbs include whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, nuts, and vegetables.  Another bonus is that fiber from plants help you feel full longer and supports your gut. Remember that gut health is essential to maintaining a healthy weight. 

Another tip is exercise! It’s hard to reach your ideal weight without some type of exercise. So, whether you can go on a morning walk, do yoga, or strength training that’s great! Any form of exercise gives your metabolism a boost and releases stress. Speaking of stress, you need to chill out because it may be what’s keeping you from reaching your ideal weight. Stress triggers your body to store fat and makes you more prone to emotional eating. Take care of yourself. Try meditation, journaling, music, or yoga to destress. 

There is so much that you can do to be healthier and naturally your body will find its way to your ideal weight. Better nutrition and exercise habits is not all that you can do to be healthier. Getting enough sleep, starting slow, cooking at home, and setting a positive mindset are equally important. Get in on all of Risa’s tips by listening to this episode of Modern Aging!

What’s In This Episode

1:10 Shedding off the quarantine weight

2:00 Gaining Weight and Overall health

2:32 Creating healthy habits

2:44 Your Ideal Weight

3:21 Focusing too much on weight

3:41 Lifestyle changes

3:59 Drinking more water

4:36 Eating more whole foods

5:33 Starting slow

5:57 Reducing additives 

6:26 Managing stress 

7:13 Cooking at home

7:54 Getting enough sleep

8:49 Exercise

9:35 Maintaining a healthy mindset