Podcast Ep 10: Covid-19 Home Treatment and Recovery with Ayurveda and TCM

Podcast Ep 10: Covid-19 Home Treatment and Recovery with Ayurveda and TCM

A good friend of mine contracted Covid-19 and treated her Covid symptoms with a combination of Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She had a wide range of early signs such as cough, sore throat, and nausea. Like most people, she managed at home and has now recovered using an integrative approach. She is a big fan of the netipot, an Ayurvedic which looks like a tiny teapot that you fill with distilled water and dissolve sea salt in it.  As for any flu symptoms, she also recommends drinking lots of warm fluids such as fresh ginger tea. Keeping yourself hydrated seems intuitive, but it’s hard to do because oftentimes we forget with some many things going on. Take a listen to remind yourself to stay calm and be prepared by learning about integrated treatments for flu symptoms or Covid-19 at home. 

What’s In This Episode

0:00 Intro

1:52 First symptoms

3:17 Self Treatment

5:08 Low grade fever

6:01 Yin Chow tablets for cold symptoms

7:21 Calling the doctor

7:45 Calling the TCM doctor

9:10 Dietary advice for cold symptoms

10:18 Breathing Difficulties

10:38 Drive through testing

11:30 Accuracy of testing

12:14 What to do with ambiguity 

13:12 Anxiety

13:58 Meditation to stay grounded

15:03 Western medication

15:45 TCM diagnosis 

16:08 Getting better and recovery 

17:13 Zinc, D3, and Vitamin C

18:45 Rea’s recommendations