Podcast Ep 11: How Medical Cannabis Works

Podcast Ep 11: How Medical Cannabis Works

In this episode of Modern Aging, Risa shares a recorded visit from 2019 with her mom, her sister, and cannabis doctor Dr. June Chin. This recorded consultation contains useful information about how medical cannabis can be used to treat Parkinson’s Disease among many other illnesses. For patients with Parkinson’s Disease, the body is constantly contracting and this takes a toll on both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The body doesn’t quite rest even during sleep. Medical cannabis can help physiologically by relaxing the muscles and psychologically by reducing anxiety, which is a game changer because patients will feel much more at ease, grounded, and comfortable. Thus, medical cannabis can be an effective treatment for muscle spasms, constipation and the overall anxiety that comes with Parkinson’s. 

There are many ways that patients can take cannabis such as through a syringe, vapor  vaporizing pen, or eating gummies with cannabis compounds. Patients will see almost instant relief if they choose to inhale CBD from a vaporizing pen. Relief will come within 10 minutes compared to 1 hour if you take the oil through a syringe. The advantage of taking oil however is that you can control the dosing and monitor the patient’s progress. Integrated with other modalities such as massage, acupuncture, and prescription medication, cannabis can treat Parkinson’s or many other ailments. There’s never a one size fits all medical cannabis, so it’s important to work as a team with your medical doctor and your family to find the best cannabis treatment for you.

What’s In This Episode

0:00 Introduction to Cannabis and Dr. Chin

1:36 Medical Cannabis 

2:02 Using Cannabis for Parkinson’s Disease

3:20 Side effects of cannabis

5:20 Weight loss in Parkinson’s Disease

5:35 Effect of medical cannabis on appetite

5:48 Decreasing the number medication

7:26 Interaction with other medications

8:49 CBD oil 

9:30 Designated dispensaries 

10:25 Vaporizing pen

11:07 Instantaneous effect of inhalation 

13:23 Most effective use of medical cannabis

14:22 Strains of cannabis

14:40 Manufacturing of medical cannabis

15:22 State regulation of medical cannabis

16:56 Gummies with CBD and THC compounds

19:09 CBD as natural inflammatory

19:40 Dry mouth side effect of medical cannabis

About Dr. June Chin

 For over a decade, Dr. June Chin lived and practiced medicine in California, a state with legalized medical cannabis since 1996. In California, their integrative osteopathic clinic focused on children with intractable epilepsy, cancer, and autism. She has seen firsthand just how much medical cannabis can benefit patients.  She is currently treating both children and adults in New York and Connecticut.  Dr. Chin is a chronic pain survivor.  Doctors suggested opiate pain medications, steroids, epidurals, and ultimately surgery to fuse the spine.  As a result of her experience, Dr. Chin decided to dedicate her medical career in finding effective, integrative and holistic approaches to patient care. Dr. Chin is a frequent keynote speaker on the science and medicine of cannabis and has spoken at hospitals, conferences, and events all over the world.

She also book she co-authored a book in 2019: Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness.