Podcast Ep 12: What is Hypnotherapy? How Hypnosis Can Heal Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Illness

Podcast Ep 12: What is Hypnotherapy?  How Hypnosis Can Heal Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Illness

“Western medicine is the only medical society that removes the mind out of the body in healing, but there is no healing without healing the mind because the body is an extension of the subconscious mind,” shares Lisa Ludovici,  a medical support hypnosis practitioner. She teaches people how to mobilize their own inner resources for their own healing. 

Chronic pain affects about 50 million adults in the US and hypnosis can help alleviate the pain because pain is subjective. Lisa works as an adjunct with medical doctors to teach patients how to eliminate pain in their bodies and show them that they are in control of their own bodies. You can control your body by controlling your mind, although you may not realize it. 

When we are in the hypnosis or trans-state, it opens up better communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind. It allows us to facilitate change because the mind is open to selective thinking – positive thinking- and shuts down the negative repetitive thoughts. 

Changing how you think, especially the repetitive thoughts that do you harm, can change what’s going on in your body because the mind is listening to every thought and takes every thought and every word we say and hear literally. If you are constantly saying, thinking, or hearing negatives like “I don’t want to be sick”, “I don’t want to have pain,” or “I don’t want to be tired,” your mind will follow suit. The subconscious mind doesn’t understand negatives.  For example, Lisa said, “Do not think of a pink elephant.” You probably thought of a pink elephant and so, you can see that the thinking negatively does more harm than good. Instead, you should speak in terms of what you do want. Command your mind. Hit the reset button today by listening in to calm the mind and the body.

What’s In This Episode

0:20 About Lisa

1:14 What is a medical support hypnosis

1:54 How Lisa discovered hypnotherapy?

7:15 Why is hypnotherapy not very well known?

8:15 How can you access your subconscious?

9:30 Conscious mind versus subconscious mind

10:45 Changing the repetitiveness of negative thoughts

12:34 The mind body connection

14:36 Futurizing versus being present

16:45 Changing the content of the thought 

16:56 Demonstration of the mind body connection

20:53 The body as an extension of the subconscious mind

23:08 The world as a mirror of your beliefs and thoughts

23:58 Using your inner resources to heal your body

25:08 Parasympathetic nervous system

25:26 Sympathetic nervous system

27:12 A suppressed immune system

31:09 Patients that Lisa works with

33:05 Being the master of your own mind

34:03 The language of the subconscious mind

36:20 Hypnosis and progression

37:46 Self hypnosis trigger

About Lisa

Lisa Ludovici is a certified Medical Support Hypnosis Practitioner specializing in chronic pain, illness, and disease. She is certified as a Master Hypnotist, Clinical Hypnotist, Medical Support Hypnotist, and Blissborn Childbirth Hypnosis Educator (BHE) through the International Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH).

Lisa’s passion is “helping people tap into the incredible power that’s within.” She dedicated her life to sharing the healing power of hypnosis with others after she healed herself of migraines as she studying was hypnotherapy at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in New Mexico. Previously, she rarely experienced three consecutive days without migraines since she was diagnosed with chronic migraines at 3 years old. Hypnotherapy transformed her life because she is now 100 percent migraine free.