Podcast Ep 14: Best Place to Retire: Moving to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Podcast Ep 14: Best Place to Retire: Moving to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

In this episode of Modern Aging, real estate agent Susana MacDonald shares why you should consider retiring to Playa del Carmen and what to expect if you decide so. Susana lived in many different places. Before she moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Susana lived in South Florida. She started coming to Playa del Carmen 14-15 years ago and fell in love with it more and more. 45 minutes south of Cancun, Playa del Carmen is part of the Riviera Maya region and it is famous for its Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue is a pedestrian area of 50-60 blocks that grew over the years with lots of shops and restaurants to go hang out. 

In terms of affordability in Playa del Carmen, purchasing is the biggest expense. However, once you own your own house or where you want to live, the cost of living is very low. For example, the price and affordability of healthcare is a fraction of what it costs in the United States. Doctors will even come to your home if it is something you need. In Puerto Aventuras, the community in Playa del Carmen where Susana lives, the cost of the doctor coming to your home for a normal visit costs about 750 pesos which is equivalent to about $35. Pertaining to another essential aspect of retirement, the cost of entertainment is also very low. It costs about 200 pesos for Susana’s whole family to go to the movies which is equivalent to $8 for 4 people. You will not find this low price for just one movie ticket in New York. 

If the low cost of living in Playa del Carmen is not compelling enough, check out the amazing weather. People usually vacate to Playa del Carmen during the winter months when the temperature is about 75 degrees. After April, it starts warming up. Summer is hot and humid. While “hot and humid” doesn’t sound very appealing, the humidity and the warm weather is actually really good for your joints. Winter is a miserable experience for many older people because of joint pain, but the humidity and warm weather in Playa del Carmen will make those joints feel much better. You will have the ability to move better even though it’s hot. Your body will accommodate the heat. The highest that the temperature reaches is about 95  degrees Fahrenheit — similar to South Florida. 

Don’t miss out on more topics of discussion such as healthcare, community, and visas in this conversation with Risa and Susana about why Playa del Carmen is a great place to retire.

What’s In This Episode

1:20 Introduction to Susanna

2:16 Why did Susanna move to Mexico?

3:20 Where is Playa del carmen?

3:32 Riviera Maya

3:48 Fifth Avenue

5:13 Affordability of living in Playa del carmen

7:15 Cost of entertainment

9:17 Cost of weekly groceries

9:08 Weather

11:30 Community

13:13 Healthcare access

15:52 Visas

17:49 Real estate

20:17 Rental prices

21:48 Gated communities

23:48 Cost of purchasing a home