Podcast Ep 17: Valuable Life Lessons from a 95 Year Old

Podcast Ep 17: Valuable Life Lessons from a 95 Year Old

Betty Zimmer, a humorous and deeply spiritual 95-year old, is a special guest on Modern Aging.  She shares valuable life lessons on how to live your best life. Her key secret to longevity is to work on improving yourself and meditating. “When you focus your mind and you are at peace, you eliminate the illness that comes with stress,” says Betty. 

We’re all come across difficult people. Shading people is calming of course but focusing on improving yourself is the better remedy because what you dislike in others will be reflected in you. “Your hatred goes to feed wars and feed other hatred.” On the other hand, “Your love and compassion for others lifts the consciousness of the whole universe,” says Betty. The takeaway is that if you focus on loving yourself and others, you will be your best self. 

Betty was featured in the book, “Eighty Things To Do When You Turn Eighty.” She shares her top 10 suggestions. Among her suggestions are meditating, playing games, cultivating young friendships, and working out. What resided with me the most is, “do what you can.” After eighty, you are going to have to make constant adjustments and substitutions. For example, Betty loved concerts, but doesn’t go anymore because she can’t hear well. This is where finding something new to do comes in. She loves playing games nowadays. Her favorite game is runny cube. 

Even if you are able to do all of the things that you love, let Betty remind you to be flexible and be patient with yourself so that you can calmly and effectively deal with whatever life throws at you. 

What’s In This Episode

1:00 Introduction to Betty

1:19 Betty’s key secrets to longevity

2:37 How to be your best person 

4:04 What happens when you are your best self

4:50 “Interesting Very Old Person”

5:28 Eighty things to do after you are eighty

5:37 Work out

5:42 Meditation

5:55 Reading

6:09 Forgiveness

6:34 Cultivate friendships

6:43 Do what you can

7:11 Play Games
7:25 Being cheerful

7:50 Do something new