Gifts for Empty Nesters

Gifts for Empty Nesters

As we get older, it gets more difficult to buy people gifts? Especially retirees and empty nesters. I mean, what could they possibly need? Another candle? Another frame? Probably not. But have no fear. I am here to help you find the perfect gifts for empty nesters. 

Not just any gifts, but meaningful ones they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. Gift ideas for loved ones or parents whose kids have finally left for college, flown the coop, or erm, nest, if you will. 

There are two types of empty nesters. Some people thrive during this season of their lives. Others flail about, looking for ways to fill that nest back up. We’ve got gift ideas here for both. 

So, let’s get started…

Splendid Spoon Meal Delivery

Ideal gift for empty nesters who don’t know how to cook for one or two.

Splendid Spoon delivers healthy plant-based meals directly to your doorstep. Not just plant-based, but non-GMO, whole food that is nutritionally balanced and without preservatives. 

So, it’s like having your nutritionist and chef cook meals for you.

No weekly menu planning. No food prep. Just heat and eat.  

Think chocolate cherry smoothies, brown rice taco bowls, and creamy mushroom spinach noodles. 

Just choose a meal plan and then your meals. No contract. And it’s fully customizable. 

If you want three meals a day delivered, plans start at less than $9 a meal. Very splendid, indeed. 

Get Strong Over 40 Course

Perfect gift for the empty nester mom and retiree.

Get Strong Over 40 is a beginner strength training course that is made for, you guessed it, women over 40. 

Women lose about 1% of their muscle mass annually after turning 30. And then pile the hormonal roller coaster of menopause on top of that heap, and we could easily feel like we are fighting an uphill battle. 

This course aims to shift your body into a lean, mean, muscle machine without breaking you. 

Tina Tang, fitness trainer extraordinaire, walks you through 15-20-minute workouts for beginners. Tina demonstrates modified workouts for anyone with injuries or limited mobility. 

Workout whenever it’s convenient. New exercises are introduced every three weeks to keep your body and mind challenged. 

Additionally, you’ll get access to Tina via a private Facebook group, so if there are any questions or you hit a roadblock, she’s there. 

Just for the holidays, get a special discount and only pay $97 (normally it’s $157)! Use code: STRONG22. Good until December 30, 2022. Click HERE for more info.

Dream Retirement in Mexico Online Program

Best gift idea for empty nesters who are ready to make their dreams come true.

Ok, the kids are gone. 

You’re retired. 

And now it’s your turn to live the life of your dreams. So why not do it in Mexico, where more and more people are living out their retirement dreams

The problem is knowing where to start. You can’t just move all your belongings to Mexico and then stay. There are visas and taxes and healthcare and real estate options to consider, and it can get overwhelming. 

But not with this course, which is aimed to walk you through the entire process and then some. 

You’ll hear from expats who know precisely what you’re going through because they’ve been there. 

You’ll meet real estate, healthcare, visa, and accounting experts. 

And have access to them when you are ready to make the move. 

The Dream Retirement in Mexico program is like someone holding your hand through every step of the process. And then opening the front door to the you season of your life. 

Receive $200 off when you purchase before December 30, 2022. Use code: MEXICO22. Click HERE to get all the deets.

Caraway Home Cookware

Best gift for empty nesters who are downsizing.

Not only is Caraway Cookware pretty to look at, but the non-toxic, environmentally friendly pots are ceramic, not Teflon. 

The non-stick ceramic means no need for extra butter and fat to make sure your food doesn’t stick. So, it’s the best gift for cooks who love to create healthier dishes.

The core of every pot or pan is made with a heavy-gauge aluminum core, free of cadmium, lead, and other toxic alloys. 

The bottoms are stainless and can be used on gas, electric and induction ranges. 

Additionally, the cookware and bakeware sets include an internal cabinet storage system, a massive space saver for anyone downsizing or just wanting to Marie Kondo their kitchen.

If a set is too much, you can order “a la carte” and pick and choose the items you need. They even have tea kettles, linens, and food storage, so your whole kitchen will be stunning and minimalist.

Wine of the Month Club

Best gift for those going through a rough empty nest syndrome.

Wine is a valuable part of every empty nest survival kit. And getting a new wine box every month is like getting a monthly gift. 

And who doesn’t like gifts? 

For this wine of the month club, you’ll get two full-sized bottles of premium, hard-to-find wines from boutique wineries worldwide. Vineyards you’ve probably never even heard of, so you’ll be expanding your wine horizons (wine-i-zons?).

You can choose two bottles of red, two bottles of white, or one of each. And if you don’t want the wine they are sending, you can skip it, and it won’t count against your subscription. 

Choose from a 3-, 4-, 6-, or 12-month subscription. At the time of writing this empty nester gift guide, a three-month subscription is $53 a month. 

The Adventure Challenge 

Really fun things for empty nesters to do together.

The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition is a creative way for empty nesters to reconnect. After the kids go to college, there is a lot of alone time. A lot. And you may not know what to do with it.

So, think of this book as 50 date ideas.

When it’s time for your date, you scratch off a challenge and dive in. You may have to cook an apple pie together while one of you is blindfolded. Or paint a picture together without using hands. 

If you’re looking to take it up a notch, check out the …In Bed Adventure Challenge book and bring the fun and connection back into your bedroom home—since you’re alone, it doesn’t have to be in your room 😉. 

All of these are great books for empty nesters—time to rediscover your relationship. 

LEVEL8 Carry-On Luggage

Best gift for the empty-nest traveler. 

Let’s face it. Luggage may not be the most exciting gift for empty nesters, but what it stands for is. And since it’s all about you now, you can travel wherever and whenever you please.  

The LEVEL8 lightweight expandable carry-on is 20-inches—ideal for light packers who like to travel with their computers or tablets. 

It’s hard-shelled with TSA locks, and the front laptop compartment is smartly designed to protect your electronics while keeping them close at hand. As a result, going through security is a breeze.

It’s got multiple pockets and is so thoughtfully designed you’ll be able to fit it all in without checking a bag.

Cozy Robes

Ideal gifts for empty nesters who have no plans on going anywhere.

This faux fur fleece robe for her and fleece robe for him are so comfy you’ll hope no one pops over unannounced. 

An empty nest, by definition, means the kids are off to college, and you’re home alone. So, why get dressed if you don’t feel like it? 

And what better way to stay cozy all day than by donning your Turkish cotton robe and reading a book, even if it is the …In Bed book we suggested above. 

The Final Bow

Now you’ve got some great ideas of what to get empty nesters. 

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us in the comments below what gift you’d love to give or get as an empty nester.


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