Gifts for Working Moms: 12 Gifts that will Make Her Feel Like a Million Bucks in 2022


Your mom has been spoiling you your whole life —it’s time to flip the switch and spoil her. Actually, if you’ve waited this long, it’s really overdue. These gifts for working moms will pamper her mind, body, and soul. Just what she needs.

The best gifts for moms are the ones she’ll never buy for herself. So, let’s get mom pampered – mind, body, and soul. 

Plant Therapy – Essential Oil Gifts For Mom

All essential oils are relaxing gift ideas for working moms. You really can’t go wrong with any aroma you choose.

This Happy Spring essential oil bundle will transport mom to her happy place. The set comes with Rainy Days, Fresh Picked Citrus, and Fresh Meadow essential oil blends. Three gorgeous spring scents minus the allergies = a happy mom.

All three springy oil blends are uplifting yet calming, refreshing, and revitalizing.

The set comes with a Passive Lotus Diffuser making it simple. All she needs to do is apply 5-6 drops of one of her favorite scents and enjoy the aroma as it passively diffuses the oil throughout the room. The diffuser is small, so it’s perfect for her desk or where she is doing her Inward Breathwork. 

And if you don’t think she will like that, Plant Therapy has a list of unique Mother’s Day gifts so you can check out those!

Luxury Bathtub – Caddy Tray for Hardworking Moms

Every bath lover needs a caddy, and this one is the ultimate in thoughtfulness. They make fabulous gifts for hard working moms.

It’s made from organic bamboo, which repels bacteria and mold. It has a spot for Mom’s wine, candle, book, and anything else she needs for her bath. Plus, it’s slip-resistant and extends to fit most bathtub sizes.

It’s the ultimate in relaxation accessories and a gift for mom she’ll love.

Organic Bath Bombs – No Bath is Complete Without Them

Bath bombs are all the rage right now.

This all-natural, organic and vegan bath bomb set will lull mom into the relaxation she needs. As she drops the ball into the water, the bath bomb will fizz and release a beautiful scent as it dissolves.

Ingredients like shea butter, essential oils, and clay promote healthy moisturized skin. And the all-natural color won’t stain the tub or her skin, so mom won’t look like a blueberry after her bath. 

This is a gift for mom that’ll keep her feeling calm and relaxed.

Candles That Give Back – An Ideal Gift for a Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

Benevolence candles “shine a light on darkness.” A portion of every candle purchase goes to a charity that works to stop the spread of human trafficking.

But besides all that goodness, each candle is highly scented with aromatics. They are hand-poured using essential oils and natural soy wax. They’re free from all the bad stuff like paraffin and other toxins many candles contain.

If that wasn’t enough, the sleek packaging looks luxurious before she even opens the box. It’ll be gorgeous on her desk or bathtub caddy.     

Candles are great for hard to buy for working moms because who doesn’t like a candle? And one that gives back to a very worthy cause is even better.

Splendid Spoon – A Meal Delivery Gift for Mom

Mom’s tired. For the love of all things delicious, don’t make her cook one more meal this week. I mean, it’s Mother’s Day.

Splendid Spoon’s plant-based meals will be delivered cooked and ready at her door. All she needs to do is heat and eat. Plans start at $65 per week and include options like Green Curry Noodles, Creamy Mushroom Noodles, and Brown Rice Taco Bowls. No matter how busy she is, your working mom won’t go hungry with more than 50 fully customizable meal options. Modern Aging readers get $60 Off using this link!

Ok, so this is one of those practical gifts for busy moms, but it’s one she’ll love. And one that gives her the gift of time. Not like a vacuum cleaner.

Audible – The Most Useful Gift for Mom

Working moms have a hard time finding time to read. Give her the gift of audiobooks.

A monthly Audible subscription is only $7.95 and allows Mom unlimited access to select Audible Originals, podcasts, and audiobooks. For $15 a month, she’ll get access to all that plus one book in the

Audible is one of the most useful gifts for mom. She’ll finally get to “read” all the books in her Goodreads list.

Get Strong Over 40 – Give Mom the Gift of Strength

get strong over 40

Giving the gift of health is one of the most meaningful gifts for mom. Health is the gift that keeps on giving to mom and everyone she loves.

Get Strong Over 40 is a Beginner’s Strength Training Program made especially for women over 40. Women over 30 years of age lose 1% muscle mass every year so it’s critical to build and maintain strength as we get older in order to stay fit, independent, and be able to carry our own groceries. Fitness trainer Tina Tang walks you through pre-recorded videos and each workout is only 15-20 minutes. We recommend that participants work out twice a week. Totally doable, right?

A strong mom is a happy, badass mom. This is one of Modern Aging’s signature courses. The 12 week course is $157 – use the code MOTHER20 to get 20% off.

Bamboo Pajama Set – Best Gifts for Work from Home Moms

Mom will sleep better in these PJ’s. She’ll wake up feeling rested and ready to start the day with coffee in hand. And let’s be real, this is one of the best gifts for work from home moms because she can stay in them all day. They are that comfy.

Silk PJ’s might be luxurious, but a bamboo set will help regulate her temperature. Not only are they super soft, they’re moisture-wicking and will help her keep her cool if she has any night sweats.

There are a zillion colors and styles to choose from to fit her style. Sets start at $24

Memory Foam Slippers – For Moms with Happy Feet

Working moms are always on the go, which means tired feet. Nothing will be better than coming home and sliding her tootsies into these little puffy clouds of memory foam.

What these lack in style they make up for in pure unadulterated happy feet.

If her feet could say thank you, they would. Slippers start at $12.

Slip Silk Pillowcase – A Sleepy Time Luxury

Mom’s had her bath, put on her comfy PJs and slippers, now all she needs is a good night’s sleep.

Slip silk pillowcases are an anti-aging and anti-bedhead luxury for her nighttime routine. Not only do they absorb less of her wonderful night cream, they won’t tug her delicate facial skin, which only causes her to age prematurely. No one wants that. No one.

Another benefit is that she’ll wake up with a perfect do. No bedhead for your mom. That alone is a perfect gift. Queen pillowcases start at $89.

Live Online Pilates Classes – A Healthy Gift for Mom


If Get Strong Over 40 isn’t your mom’s cup of fitness, check out Be Well Stay Well. Their innovative approach to exercise will have your mom feeling better and living better and it is especially made for “bodies that have been places.”

All the plans offer live or on-demand Pilates, Yoga, and movement classes.

Live classes are taught multiple times a day, so mom can choose what fits best into her busy schedule. Don’t worry if she’s a newbie because they have “eyes on you” classes. The instructor will watch her to make sure she’s doing the movements correctly and has the form down.

Dr. Ada Wells, Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Pilates educator is the founder of Be Well, Stay Well.  Modern Aging CEO Risa Morimoto interviewed her about the exercises women over 40 should and should NOT be doing depending on their mobility and agility if you want to check that out.

Plans start at $39 a month and they have a 30-month pass for $45 (makes the perfect gift!). Cancel anytime.  And they are offering Modern Aging readers a 7 Day Free Trial so Mom has nothing to lose!

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set – Unique Gifts for Mom

For all that exercise Mom will be doing, an acupressure mat and pillow will stimulate blood flow and help relax her muscles.

The mat and pillow have 8000 acupressure points – it’s like laying on a bed of acupuncture needles, without all the needles.

This is definitely one of the most unique gifts for mom on this list. But acupressure releases endorphins which block pain. She’ll feel overall body rejuvenation just by laying or sitting on this mat.

You can choose from the original mat made from cotton eco-foam or the all-natural style made from coconut and linen fibers. Prices start at $24.

Not Just Gifts for Mother’s Day

Let’s face it, working moms are working two jobs. One at their office and one at home. Twice the work means she’s going to really need some extra TLC.

These are the best gifts for working moms. They’ll definitely get her slippered feet moving in the right direction.

Finding the right gifts for mom doesn’t have to be so daunting. Now that you have so many new ideas, your upcoming birthday gifts for mom will be a breeze.

p.s. Some of the links above are affiliate links. It comes at no cost to you. The small commissions help us to offset costs to produce content for the website. Thank you for all the support!


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