Podcast 91: Healthy Aging and The Keys to Living a Full, Long Life

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Change is an inevitable part of life. Each decade that passes by adds to our life experiences and helps us evolve into who we are today. It is important to embrace change with open arms rather than look for its negatives. If we continue to accept change, good or bad, we will be better equipped to identify opportunities in life and make the most out of them.

Risa Morimoto turned 55 in November. She found herself reflecting on how far she has come and feeling as energetic as she did when she was in her 30s. This realization highlights the fact that midlife does not have to be a dreaded period, but can instead represent an opportunity for growth and reinvention. While some people may struggle with physical or mental health issues during this time, others use it as a springboard to reach new heights and take their lives in exciting directions.

In this episode, your host Risa Morimoto shares some of the things she has been celebrating as she gets older. She encourages us to be thankful for our age and all that it brings with it, like wisdom, experience, and perspective. Risa encourages us to focus on the things that bring us joy and ensure we take time to appreciate them.

Let’s jump in!

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[01:12] What Risa has learned in the last 55 years

[06:40] Embrace aging. It’s a gift!

[09:26] The reality of nearing death

[10:52] The biggest thing that Risa has learned in her adult life

[13:09] Who and where do you spend your time 

[15:09] Live in an environment that makes you stress-free


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