How To Breathe Consciously To Feel Better

How To Breathe Consciously To Feel Better
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If you struggle with insomnia, pain, or difficult emotions, simply learning how to breathe may help relieve some of your symptoms. Breathing is something very simple, but sometimes we forget to do it and do it consciously. Especially when we are experiencing strong emotions that are hard to handle, it’s critical to breathe deeply through all the tears so that all of our tensed up energy gets released.

There are many breathing practices like meditative breathing, yoga breathing, or conscious connected breathing that teach us how to breathe deeply. We are joined by licensed Acupuncture Physician Réquel Lopes to teach us how to do the latter —conscious connected breathing. When we are anxious, we tense up and oftentimes stop breathing. Dr. Lopes gives us tips on to how to do the opposite — to be expansive and to breathe through what is happening. She teaches various deep breathing techniques like circular breathing and box breathing. You may be thinking that it’s just breathing, but it’s a different type of breathing because every cell in your body is at an oxygen level of 100 percent. The goal with conscious breathing techniques is to take in as much oxygen as we can. 

Let’s try circular breathing together. Breathe in for 4 seconds. Breath out for 4 seconds. Repeat this cycle of breathing in and out at least 3 more times. If this is your first time deep breathing, you may notice a tingling in your body. If you run, it’s like a runners high or a euphoric high. Things may be clear for you and it is this clarity that you get that allows you to think and move through difficult situations.

We’re not used to being with ourselves because we are so busy racing against time and juggling multiple tasks. Breath work or conscious connected breathing is a way to reset your mind to be present right now. Whatever you do, don’t stop breathing. We are species that need oxygen.  Don’t deprive your body of all the oxygen that it needs.  Bring your consciousness inward so that you can clear the debris in your life or in your body.

About Dr. Lopes

Dr. Réquel Lopes, AP is the owner and healing practitioner at Dragonfly Wellness in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale, FL.  She earned her graduate degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, in Austin, Texas.  She is a licensed acupuncture physician in the state of Florida and board certified by the National Certification of Oriental Medicine Diplomat of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in Oriental Medicine. She obtained her undergraduate degree at Barnard College of Columbia University in Psychology.  She is a member of Florida State Oriental Medical Association.

 She has been treating patients for the past 10 years.  As a licensed Acupuncture Physician, she brings her extensive experience to her patients by using an integrative care approach.  She uses various modalities in combination, to best address her patient’s needs. This comprehensive approach may include acupuncture, cupping therapy, Chinese herbal formulations, as well as lifestyle counseling to restore balance and promote optimal health for the body, mind, and spirit.  She incorporates various styles and techniques with her gentle needling treatments –Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element, Esoteric Acupuncture (Sankey Acupuncture), Master Tung Style, Dr. Tan’s Balance method, and Neuro-acupuncture from Dr. Hao.

Dr. Lopes treats successfully a wide variety of pain, insomnia, emotional, digestive issues, headaches, gynecological and fertility challenges, insomnia and emotional issues.