How to Live Your Retirement Differently from the Rest


Everyone can agree that it’s important to prepare for retirement. But believe it or not, not that many people consider what they want to do. Many people envision that retirement is all about being at home and pursuing hobbies like painting or listening to music while reading. Others believe it’s about achieving goals you could never do while working.

 Plus, for others, maybe something cozy such as moving to a coastal town where you can visit the beach every day. There isn’t technically a right or wrong way to retire. Retirement is basically how you want to do things. Maybe it’s working, volunteering, traveling, or simply doing nothing at all. Your golden years are just that- how you want to spend them.

However, there are plenty of stereotypes when it comes to retirement, and the biggest one is all about doing nothing at all. So, how can you break the retirement stereotype? What are some ways that you could retire entirely different than the others who are retirement age? Keep reading on to find out how!

Find Something Purposeful in Life

Life is not all about work, it’s about doing things that enrich your life and make you happy. Find what makes you feel good and do more of that! This is entirely going against any retirement norms, but it is important to understand that you should do what you love. Don’t let age dictate your purpose or passions in life. While many use retirement for leisure, if your passion is to work or do side hustles, then why not do those?


So, traveling is a mix of being stereotypical for retirees, but at the same time, it’s not. How so? Well, it’s all about what you’re planning to do while you travel, how you travel, and even your destinations. When it comes to traveling, it’s truly not one of those “one-size-fits-all” types of things. Traveling can have different meanings, experiences, budgets, destinations, and so much more. So, for starters, evaluate your interests. This will point you in the best direction for how you might want to travel.

Plus, this is going to help you get an idea of what you can and can’t afford. When do you plan to retire? How is your health now? How do you think your health will be when it’s retirement age? There are travel agencies that focus on retirees, but there are even living communities that travel together. You could even take it a step further and do volunteer work abroad or maybe even the whole digital nomad thing and just partially retire. This type of traveling is different from what you’d expect on the beach!

Some even choose to retire abroad, like retiring to Mexico. They are able to save on day-to-day living costs compared to many other countries while maintaining a high quality of life they enjoy.


So, volunteer work is something that retirees are known for. So it is fantastic to want to do this. But when it comes to volunteering, you can do it however you like it. This can include volunteering abroad, maybe spending a few days or hours working at a nonprofit organization. Honestly, it’s all up to you and what you want to do. There are so many volunteer opportunities out there that are just waiting for you!

Invest in Hobbies

A great idea would be following your passion or working on a meaningful hobby. You’re going to have time, and there is a chance that this could fit into your budget. Is there anything you never have time to do or think you won’t do until retirement? For some, it’s travel, while for others, it may be video games, boat races, gardening, or anything else. Maybe you’re looking for cheaper hobbies because you need to be easy with your finances, or maybe you’re looking for places that buy gold to help you out with retirement. Remember, when it comes to hobbies, you don’t need to spend much on them.

Take on Projects

This could go hand-in-hand with hobbies, but not all projects are fun like hobbies are meant to be. Sometimes things just get in the way of life. This could be time, scheduling conflicts, work, energy levels, finance, or anything else. Once you’re at retirement, you are no longer limited on time. So, why not instead take on some projects? Maybe you’ve always wanted to build a shed or your own dream car. Maybe you might even consider a business during retirement. It’s all up to you and what you want!


Find a Good Community to Connect With

The community you choose to retire with can directly affect your personal happiness and the way you spend your time. Whether you live in a senior living home or in your own independent community or neighborhood, it is important to considerthe people you surround yourself with.

Retirement years can be the best years of your life. Plan wisely and have fun!


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