How To Make Most Out of Life Over 60

how to make most of your 60s

Hitting your 60s can be a very challenging time in a person’s life. It is a time health issues may come to the fore, especially if you have not been living the healthiest lifestyle. Everything seems to be changing around you, and your role in life has altered. However, despite the challenges and uncertainties, life over 60 can be the best time in your life. You may be able to retire and enjoy your time. Your kids are probably all grown, and you can spend time with the grandchildren. Or perhaps you have a lot of capital that you may want to use in other ventures. Life over 60 could be like starting from a blank slate. Whatever attracts you, there is no need to see turning 60 as something negative. You know who you are now. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are wise enough to know how to use it. So, how can you make the most of life over 60?

Embrace Change

The world is changing, and it is hard to keep up, and that’s not just over 60’s either. Younger people struggle to do what under 20’s can do. Technology is progressing at such a rapid rate that it is difficult for most people to stay on top of all the changes. However, if you want to make the most of life over 60, then instead of being a bit of a technophobe, embrace some of these changes. Smart TVs, for example, can make viewing the television a much better experience. Smartphones are another great example. How about making everyone jealous of all the trips you can go on now, take pictures, edit them, and send them to your friends using apps. Maybe you can even get into photography and sell some of your high quality stock photography. Getting involved in online communities can help you find like-minded people to talk to and potentially meet up with. Yes, the world is changing, but a lot of it is for good. So, there is no need to be left behind. If you can embrace it a little, you may find a new depth to your life.  

Your Health

If you haven’t been one for taking care of your health, there is no reason why you cannot turn it around now. Many people have extreme health scares at this time of life, and still manage to turn it around, so there is no need to think it’s too late for you. Starting an exercise regime may be difficult at first, but once you develop a regular exercise routine, you will find that you have more energy, will feel happier, and look a lot better too. Exercise has the power to reduce aches and pains too. If you can combine exercise with a better diet, with a lot of fruits and vegetables, you will look and feel exponentially better too. In fact, there are many ingredients out there that claim to be anti-aging. Why not get creative in the kitchen and incorporate some of these ingredients into your everyday life? There is no harm in trying.


Getting older generally means you need to develop a new relationship with money. If you are close to retirement and still have outstanding debts, and you are in the position of owning your home, perhaps it is time to downsize and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Or perhaps it’s time to consider plowing a lot of money to pay off those debt and ensure you are debt-free come retirement. It may also be wise to start learning how to live within your means. The stress that debt brings is not conducive to a happy and healthy life. No matter how much you may fool yourself, you are having a great time. That niggling problem will haunt you, and it may mean you end up weight nothing to give to your children.   

how to make most of your 60s

A New Vocation

Retirement may well be an opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. With age comes wisdom. You are bound to have picked up some expert knowledge and it may be time to put it to use. Perhaps you are an expert at using certain tools and equipment, why not create a YouTube channel explaining how to use them? You never know how many people need this knowledge and how much income you can generate as a result. Or how about buying and selling online? Are you a bit of an expert on women’s handbags? Why not put your knowledge to good use? Not only is this fun, but it can also make you some money too.


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