Podcast 85: How to Relieve Pain in the Neck, Shoulders, and Hip Flexors with Physical Therapist Christine Koth

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Muscle tightness is common for most people.  Prolonged muscle tightness can cause other problems which can affect your activities of daily living like walking, getting up and down from a chair or the toilet.   Staring at the computer for hours on end can cause tight neck and shoulder muscles.   With pain comes inflammation, and chronic inflammation can cause a myriad of health conditions.  

It is important to incorporate muscle-relaxing stretches into your lifestyle routine. These simple exercises will help you avoid chronic pain in the future and make it easier for doctors to diagnose the problem.

Neck, shoulder, and hip flexor pain are often caused by stress, sitting for long periods of time, and poor posture.  When muscles tense for an extended period, it can often bring pain.,  Releasing the tension by applying pressure can bring relief.  

In this episode, Christine Koth, physical therapist, inventor, founder, and CEO of Aletha Health, talks about how to relieve your pain in the neck, shoulders, and hip flexors. We also discuss two of the beautifully designed and simple devices she invented, the Hip Hook and Nuckle, after years of helping her patients and realizing that they needed more help at home. 

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:30] Christine’s backstory and how she became an inventor

[05:22] Structure of the hip and the different muscles- the psoas muscle and Iliacus muscle

[08:55] Why has the focus not been on the Iliopsoas or Iliacus?

[10:38] Common misunderstanding about the role of muscle tension in our body

[12:07] The Hip Hook, its uniqueness, and Christine’s motivation to develop it. Best ways to use this device and how to determine if it is hitting the Illiacus muscle correctly.

[18:17] The purpose of applying prolonged pressure on the muscle using the Hip Hook.

[20:52] People for whom the Hip Hook is best suited for, and how often should you use it?

[25:41] Addressing the Neck and Shoulder Pain using the Nuckle device.

[34:38] Christine’s advice for hip flexor pain and neck pain.

To watch the YouTube video version of this interview, go to Have Muscle Tension? Fix Hip Pain and Neck Pain Using This On Your Iliopsoas and Neck

About Christine Koth – 

Christine Koth is the founder and CEO of Aletha Health, a Holistic Physical Therapist, a best-selling author, and the inventor of the Hip Hook & Nuckle. For the last 18+ years, Christine has used her physical therapy practice and skills to guide people towards wellness daily. Her love of projects and the creative process has led her in many social betterment and directions. She has started physical therapy clinics, created a private school for children, developed an outdoor classroom at an elementary school, hosted international retreats, hosted women’s groups, started community groups, and nurtured many integrated healthcare environments. Christine’s quest for wisdom and inner knowing brings her to the daily yoga mat and meditation practice.

From a physical therapy perspective, her training has focused on various hands-on techniques and a deep understanding of vibrational medicine and biomechanical analysis. Specialized training in tennis, yoga, and mindfulness brings an added edge when it comes to performance enhancement and treating the whole person. She loves solving problems and has a long track record of successfully evaluating her clients’ conditions and determining the true source of the problem. Christine has always been amazed at how well the body can heal when the right pieces of the puzzle are addressed. Christine hopes that keeping it real will inspire you to live a healthier life.

How to connect with Christine Koth:

Website: https://www.christinekoth.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-koth/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christinekoth/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/christinek3079/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqLxmoS3nkyTv3wHjYwLJjA/videos

Watch the YouTube Version of this Episode Here: 

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