Podcast 86: How to Take Better Care of Our Health and Our Heart With Dr. Raj Anand

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It is no secret that healthy diets give you the energy to perform tasks and increase your lifespan, while unhealthy foods cause inflammatory diseases and drain your pockets with medications and surgeries.  

A healthy lifestyle indeed starts in the kitchen, but what should you not buy when in the supermarket? Which foods should be your priorities when shopping?

It is also important to acknowledge that a healthy diet alone is not enough to maintain good health. You need a healthy lifestyle encompassing regular physical exercise, stress reduction, socializing, adequate sleep, and a yearly physical checkup. You should pay attention to all those components because an unbalanced life is not a healthy life.

In this episode, Dr. Raj Anand helps us understand how to shop better and eat better for a healthy heart. We talk more about what food we should eat and, more importantly, what we should not be eating in order to take care of our hearts. Learn tips on how to go shopping with clarity of mind about what to put in the shopping cart and what not to include.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[01:42] Dr. Raj’s philosophy of reducing the chances of sickness as we get older.

[03:48] Components of a healthy lifestyle.

[05:49] How should you shop for healthy foods?

[06:54] Why should you only use avocado oil instead of olive oil and canola oil?

[08:00] Research by Prof. Vogel

About Dr. Raj Anand – 

Dr. Raj Anand, MD, received his Fellowship training in Cardiology at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts. He is the author of “A Practical Approach to EKG Interpretation” and the inventor of “Thermo-electric Angioplasty Catheter.”

He served for 41 years at the Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School and retired as Associate Professor/ Emeritus Educator, Cardiovascular Medicine. He also served as Director of the Coronary Care Unit, Non-invasive Cardiovascular Laboratories, and the Cardiovascular Research Laboratory.

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Website: https://rajkanand.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXCbfltBlBg/


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