Is Your Eyesight Getting Worse? 4 Possible Causes

Is Your Eyesight Getting Worse? 4 Possible Causes

Everyone has varying eyesight abilities, and that can be for several reasons. Sometimes worsening eyesight is a cause of aging or genetics, and for others, it can be a direct result of what you experience throughout the day. It’s not always something to be concerned about, but you should always make sure you have the right prescription glasses to match your vision, or else you may be risking unnecessary health side effects.


Believe it or not, dehydration might be the reason your eyesight feels worse than it usually is. Dehydration doesn’t just affect your body, and if you haven’t had a cup of water for a while, it might be the cause behind your blurry vision. Make sure you’re drinking enough on a daily basis, and try to have water with you at all times to keep up with the recommended daily intake.


Poor vision may be tied to a condition called uveitis, which is inflammation in the middle layer of your eyes. This may be a result of your immune system struggling and can be commonly spotted along with redness or soreness of the eye.

If you’re experiencing eye pain, redness, blurry vision, and or sensitivity to light, it might be a good idea to speak to your doctor. Uveitis affects people differently, and some will experience it more than others. Products like YUTIQ can potentially help to reduce the frequency in which you experience this condition.

Lack of Protection

Being out and about in the sun requires more than just sunscreen. Your eyes are also susceptible to UV damage, and if you’re not careful, too much sun could worsen your vision. You want to make sure you have a pair of sunglasses for those extra bright days when you’re outside a lot. 

It’s important to be aware that not all sunglasses are beneficial to wear during those brighter summer days. Cheaper sunglasses may look stylish, but the lenses used may only magnify the light, without providing any actual protection from it.

Extended Screen Times

Sometimes staring at a screen for extended periods of time cannot be helped, but it’s important to know that this can cause eye strain. If you work in an office and are required to have your eyes glued to the screen for many hours of the day, it’s healthy to make sure you take the time to give your eyes some rest in between it all. Avoid looking at your screen, your phone, or any other smart device. 

A lot of these problems may only cause temporary blurriness in your vision, but if your vision doesn’t seem to be improving after seeking a solution – you may need prescription glasses. You should be having regular eye tests to make sure your vision is healthy, and that you have the lenses you need properly restore your vision. Your optometrist can help to determine the issue with your vision, and how you can better take care of it in the future.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that dehydration can also be one reason for one’s eyesight to go bad. I’m interested in looking for good eyecare products soon because I’m interested in looking for ways to protect my eyes better. Due to my new desk job, working on a computer is going to be my bread and butter for the months to come.

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