Podcast Ep 3: 5 Ways To Lose Weight Permanently

Podcast Ep 3: 5 Ways To Lose Weight Permanently

For many of us, quarantine has led to weight gain because we’ve found comfort in food and sedentary activities like binge watching movies. In this episode of Modern Aging, host and integrative nutrition health coach Risa Morimoto walks through how to permanently lose the weight by implementing healthy lifestyle changes. 

At the top of her list is changing your mindset about losing weight. Weight loss is not about willpower; it’s about creating a mindset shift like looking forward to a smoothie rather than a muffin. Subsequently, healthy habits will be created by changing your mindset. Listen in to learn exactly how to create a mindset shift and other equally important practices to effectively and healthily lose weight. 

This episode was originally made for the YouTube Channel at the beginning of 2020.

What’s In This Episode

00:00      Intro

01:02       New Years resolutions to lose 10 lbs

01:44       Gaining a Healthy Lifestyle 

01:58       Changing your mindset: fake it until you make it

03:58       Keeping a food journal

04:44       More moving, less sitting

05:34       Proper sleep 

06:18       Reduce sugar, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods

07:12       You can do this!

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