Podcast 37: Moving to Cabo, Mexico during Covid

glen and tracey muir cabo san lucas

Tracy and Glen are recent expats to Cabo, Mexico. They are originally from South Africa, but lived in Tampa, Florida for years. They always dreamed of retiring in Mexico, so when the Covid-19 Pandemic closed the doors on them, it prompted them to do more research. They realized that they didn’t have to wait until they retired to move to Mexico.

They sold their house in Tampa, packed everything they could in their SUV, and drove to Baja California. In this episode, Tracey and Glen share their experience taking this leap of faith despite many fears.

A major concern they had was what to do about their full time jobs. Instead of finding a replacement job or continuing their current jobs, Glen and Tracey both got real estate licenses. They are now working as real estate agents with Cabo Cribs Real Estate Agency. Recently experiencing the move, Glen and Tracey are eager to help others who are interested in packing their bags and want to head to Mexico.

If you are worried about health care costs, housing, banking, making friends, or getting a new job, Tracey and Glen had the same fears. These fears are valid, but don’t let it stop you from living your dream. The first step is to educate yourself about the logistical aspects of moving to another country such as costs, housing, etc.

They share some valuable hacks like getting a permanent resident visa as well as how to bring your car to Mexico. Listen in to hear about Tracey and Glen’s experience, their reflection on their fears, and knowledge that they wish they knew.

What’s in this Episode?

0:00 Dream Retirement
0:55 How Tracy and Glen moved to Cabo, Mexico
5:00 How did they make the leap?
7:40 The tipping point for Glen
8:19 Fear in the decision making process
10:36 Risk of moving to another country
11:55 Housing
12:18 Purging belongings
15:18 Thinking and planning
16:11 Becoming a resident or permanent resident
18:44 The caveat to getting a visa
21:36 Temporary residents
22:11 Benefit of becoming a permanent resident
23:00 Bringing your car to Mexico
26:03 Car insurance
28:29 Loophole with South Dakota car insurance
30:16 Bank Accounts
33:47 Wiring Money and Money grams
35:15 Health insurance
37:33 Tracy and Glen’s goals

What you will learn:

What you will learn

  • How Tracey and Glen made the leap to move to Mexico
  • The Risks of moving to another country
  • Fear in the decision making process
  • What to think about and planning the move
  • What to bring and not bring to Mexico
  • How to obtain car Insurance and a loophole
  • How to become a permanent resident and loopholes
  • Banks accounts and sending money from the States
  • How Health insurance in Mexico compares to he States


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