Not Into Meditation? Other Simple Ways for Self-Care, Motivation, Inspiration and Joy: Video Interview with Susan Rosenthal

Not Into Meditation?  Other Simple Ways for Self-Care, Motivation, Inspiration and Joy: Video Interview with Susan Rosenthal
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Are you always super busy and often feel overwhelmed? Do you roll your eyes when people talk about self-care because you simply don’t have time to do anything for yourself? You have kids or parents to take care of. You work full time and are running around just trying to figure out how to get to the end of the day. If you continue down that path, it is a sure fire way to burn out and potentially have a mental or nervous breakdown. Self-love and self-care is not only important, it is essential for our well-being. Business and life coach Susan Rosenthal shares some simple ways (that don’t involve meditation or saying “om” to elevate your mood and your spirits.) When you feel joyful, that feeling is infectious (just as much as negativity and stress are). It is also a form of self-care. So listen to this quick video and discover some simple ways to inspire, motivate, encourage yourself. Bring mindfulness into your life — know when it is time to take a break and put on your favorite song. Buy yourself some flowers or put on your favorite outfit. These are all little ways we can bring joy and alleviate some of life’s daily stress!

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Susan J. Rosenthal CEO and Chief Operating Officer, Modern Aging I have always been fascinated with people who create and live their best lives. This led me to serving people by pursuing a business career in the consumer goods and services industries, creating strategies and implementing plans for businesses, brands and products. During this time, we generated over $800 million in new revenues for companies that included Colgate-Palmolive, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Citi, and ATTWireless. With the internet explosion, I became fascinated with entrepreneurial ventures that drive innovation and connectivity. I pivoted and became a leader and later consultant helping consumer, business-to-business, and non-profit organizations achieve industry leadership. Along the way, I’ve also been a Professor of international marketing management in Oman, lectured at conferences and universities, co-authored a personal development book, became a certified business and life coach, and was one of 50 women featured in the book, Fearless Women: Visions of a New World. Throughout my life, A lifelong fascination with diverse people and cultures has led me to work, live, study or travel in over 100 countries.