Podcast 27: Coronavirus Chronicles: My Daughter Shares Her Symptoms and Recovery


My daughter, Ani, came home from school with symptoms of COVID-19 last March. There were many unknowns back then and we weren’t able to get tested. I treated Ani at home and she fully recovered within a few days.. My husband, Paul, also came home with symptoms of COVID-19 a few days after Ani got sick. They were both put into self-quarantine which  is one of the best ways to contain the disease. In this episode, Ani shares her experience with COVID-19 and how we were able to contain the disease as a family. Listen in to hear about all of the adjustments that we made in our routines to help Ani and Paul recover quickly and to keep the disease from spreading to others.


0:00 Better Health

2:21 Ani feeling sick

2:48 Risa’s Reaction

3:12 Ani’s first symptoms

3:56 Fever breaking

4:49 Persistent, dry cough

5:14 Getting tested

5:56 Emotional impact of COVID

6:50 Quarantining

7:40 Risa’s husband’s COVID symptoms

9:11 Food helps recovery 

9:34 Entertainment during quarantine

9:47 Keeping distance

10:00 Recommendations 

11:08 Separating household items  


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