Podcast 32: The Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy – Trigger Points, Cupping and Deep Tissue Massage


Massage is not just a spa treatment. There is a restorative benefit to massage that can help with lower back pain, cramps, muscle pain, and  blood flow. Rebeca Fernandez, a licensed massage therapist, has been treating Risa and her siblings for years. On this episode of Modern Aging, she shares her expertise on different massage modalities such as Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, cupping, and many more. 

As we get older, it is critical that we stay active and do stretches to release tension from our bodies. The traps and scalene which are shoulder muscles and neck muscles are common areas that hold tension and cause us pain.  It is important to recognize tension in our bodies and release it to ensure that we stay mobile and healthy. Tune in to get some insight from Rebecca about how massage therapy can give you the physical and emotional release that your body needs.

What’s In This Episode

0:00 What’s in this episode

1:02 The restorative benefit of massage treatment is 

2:06 How do you know if you are balanced?

2:40 What happens when you sleep on your side

3:39 Energetic trigger points

5:23 Long term consequences of ignoring the pain

6:40 Self care

8:06 Tension and trauma

10:14 Integrative aspect of massage

11:20 What is your massage therapist looking for?

12:56 Do you need massage therapy?

13:28 Making sure that you are comfortable

14:06 Trigger point therapy

14:47 Medical massage

15:18 Combination of methods

15:25 Swedish massage

16:13 Cupping

16:42 Bringing blood circulation to tight muscles

17:05 Recommendations for better posture18:16 Keeping active as you get older


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