Podcast 45: Motivational and Inspirational Self-Help: Overcome Setbacks with Dr. Laura Miranda

laura miranda

“Put yourself forward one day at a time.” – Dr. Laura Miranda, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Laura Miranda has spent her life helping others. As a fitness trainer and athlete, she is very in tune with her body. So when she started not feeling well and couldn’t put her finger on it (nor could any of her doctors), she didn’t give up. She knew something was wrong. She was not only physically ill, but became depressed and anxious as well.

After digging deep, she discovered that it was likely breast implants that she had placed in when she was in her early 20s. Despite having millions of women who have had breast implants, it is a significant side effect that women are getting sick from them. Laura shares the importance of listening to your body and how to stay in tune and not ignore signs of illness.

Then in November 2020, Dr. Laura Miranda was biking back from a meeting with a client when she got into an accident that gave her a concussion. In order to recover, Laura had to put who she was behind her and focus on the present. Going slow and knowing when to go slow is something extremely important post any injury. 

Laura shares with us both the physical and emotional challenges that she had to overcome in her recovery process. Overcoming mental hurdles and managing your expectations is not easy. Listen in to dive deeper into how Laura learned to slow down, be more compassionate, and love herself and her body.

What’s in this episode?

0:00 Better Help

2:40 How physical therapy came into Laura’s life

5:05 The philosophy of moving your body

7:03 Personal challenges

10:57 How Laura finally overcame her challenge

13:25 Managing expectations

15:20 Journaling your achievements

16:12 Laura’s Brooklyn Bridge accident 

17:35 Post-concussion care

18:50 Going slow and knowing when to go slow

19:25 Emotional recovery

20:30 How to overcome mental hurdles

23:42 Holistic Therapy

25:50 Final thoughts on how to approach health

What you will learn:

  • What is Physical Therapy
  • How physical therapy can help post-injury
  • How to manage your expectations post-injury
  • The emotional and physical challenges post-injury
  • Practices that can facilitate physical and mental recovery

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