Podcast 49: Cancer Story of Inspiration and Holistic Soul Healing: Stage IV Throat Cancer to Center Stage


Denise DeSimone is an author, documentary filmmaker, motivational speaker, singer, ordained minister, cancer wellness coach and throat cancer survivor. When she was 50 years old, she was diagnosed with Stage IV throat cancer and told that she had 90 days to live. Denise was especially devastated to hear that even if she survived, she would lose her ability to sing. 22 months later, she sang the national anthem at Fenway Park. Denise is an inspiring cancer survivor who now helps others on their cancer journey by guiding others in healing themselves inside and outside.

“Curing is the work of the doctors, but healing ourselves from the inside out is really the work of our soul.” -Denise DeSimone

Denise not only shares her cancer survivor story, but also how she used it as an opportunity to befriend the cancer and welcome it in order to heal herself from the inside out.

What’s in this episode?

0:00 Meet Denise

1:19 Denise’s cancer journey

3:42 Denise’s cancer treatment 

6:49 A different Perspective

9:18 Stop beating yourself up

10:06 Letting go of traumas

10:30 Loving yourself

11:57 Naturopathic doctor

14:41 Looking at different healing modalities

18:39 What Denise learned from her cancer journey

25:18 Wellness coach

26:41 Takeaways

Check out Denise’s book and documentary, From Stage IV to Center Stage, on her website at http://www.denisedesimone.com/

What you will learn:

  • Denise’s cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Three ways to heal your soul
  • Different modalities to heal yourself as a cancer patient
  • What Denise learned from her cancer journey


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