Podcast 50: Dermatologist Dr. Mamina Tips For Anti-Aging Skin Care for Women Over 50


As we get older, our skin changes, so our approach for how we care for it should change as well. In this episode, we get back to the basics with Dermatologist Mamina and her mom Michiko. They talk about old school tips and tricks to keep our skin fresh and healthy. 

Some natural anti-aging remedies that Mamina and Michiko share are banana peel skin mask, banana tea, and onion skin tea. In addition to her skin care secrets, Michiko also shares her tree hugging, heel dropping, and eating habits. Listen in to learn more about how these habits have helped Michiko stay youthful and healthy.

What’s in this episode?

0:00 What’s in this episode?

1:26 Meet Mamina and Michiko 

2:06 Mamina’s relationship with Michiko

3:35 How Michiko grew up in Japan

3:36 Michiko’s skin care habits

5:00 A healthy mindset

7:02 Banana peel facemask

9:58 Banana tea

10:59 Onion skin tea

14:44 Dropping your heels for circulation

18:00 Hugging trees to reduce stress

20:15 Dry Brushing

23:28 How these habits help with aging

23:55 The importance of eating healthy

What you will learn:

  • The benefits of banana peel
  • The benefits of banana tea 
  • The benefits of onion tea
  • The benefits of dropping your heels for circulation and stress reduction
  • The benefits of dry brushing
  • How Michiko’s habits have helped her slow down aging
  • The importance of healthy eating


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