Podcast 57: What is Breathwork? Benefits of Breathing Exercises and Breathing Techniques


The health benefits of breathwork are numerous and gaining more recognition around the world. With our daily chronic stress and anxiety, we can easily take breathing for granted. In fact, 90% of us are not breathing correctly meaning that we breathe through our mouths and not our noses. This is concerning because how you breathe affects every cell in your body and can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. It can exacerbate chronic issues like high blood pressure, anxiety and stress. The good news is that we can re-activate our diaphragms and expand our lungs through the foundational breathing techniques shared in this episode. In this episode, Inward Breathwork co-founders Amanda Laine and Harry Taylor, discuss various forms of breathwork and breathing exercises you can do such as the box breath to help you breathe better and feel healthier.

What’s in this episode?

0:00 What’s in this episode?

1:46 How Amanda was introduced to breathwork

4:34 The gates of breathwork

4:48 Ujjayi breath

5:59 Shifting your physiological state with breathwork

8:11 How long does breathwork take to work?

9:30 Releasing traumas with breathwork

9:55 How animals release trauma

11:08 How does meditation compare to breathwork?

14:18 How breathwork can help with insomnia

17:21 Ailments that breathwork can help 

20:37 Retraining your body to breath properly

22:02 How we may be dis-evolving 

25:17 Foundational breathing techniques

26:40 Diaphragmatic breathing

30:00 Online breathwork with Amanda and Harry

32:05 Contact Amanda and Harry

What you will learn:

  • Amanda’s personal shift in physiological state with breathwork
  • What it means to breathe properly
  • How breathwork is different from meditation
  • How breathwork can help with different ailments
  • Foundational breathing techniques


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