Podcast 58: Let’s Talk About Death: How To Plan For a Good Death with End of Life Doula Alua Arthur

alua arthur death doula

Death and dying is not a popular topic to talk about for most people, yet essential if we are going to change the way we view death and prepare for it.  Aside from the emotional roller coaster, tying the loose ends of the lives of loved ones can be stressful and complicated. Having someone to answer questions and support you can be incredibly invaluable. In this episode, Alua Arthur discusses how she inadvertently became a death doula in 2013 when her brother in law died. A death doula is someone that gives holistic support and care of the dying person and the person’s circle of support. Alua’s work ranges from helping people create end of life plans to helping someone create their ideal death circumstances to helping family members wrap up affairs of family members that just passed. Listen in to learn more about how a death doula can support families at any stage of death to create a more peaceful death experience. 

What’s in this episode?

0:00 Better Health

1:30 Talking about death

2:55 Meet Alua Arthur

3:30 How Alua became a death doula
5:50 What is a death doula

7:02 Informal doula

8:59 Why is birth doula not a common practice

10:25 Alua’s mission

13:00 Wanting peace at the end of life

13:30 Elder law attorney vs. hospice vs. doula

15:06 Increasing demand for death doulas 

16:55 Training to become a death doula

18:13 Who can fulfill the role of a death doula

19:48 Accepting death

22:13 When do people call Alua

23:55 Emotional support for families

25:25 Tying up loose ends 

27:09 Recommendation for families 

28:55 How can we better prepare for death?

31:40 How we can create a more peaceful death experience

What you will learn:

  • What is a death doula?
  • Who can fulfill the role of a death doula
  • How to start an open conversation about death
  • How a death doula can support families
  • How to create a more peaceful death experience


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