Podcast 59: Lets Talk Low Libido Women’s Health and Menopause

renee wellenstein libido

Libidos are an essential part of a woman’s health and important for relationships. If you noticed a hormonal imbalance perhaps because of perimenopause you are not alone. Many women have low libidos, a low sex drive, or some sexual dysfunction. Other women can get vaginal atrophy or hot flashes.  Unfortunately, this can be one of the first signs of menopause.

When it comes to women’s health, these issues are not talked about openly enough.  In this episode, Dr. Renee Wellenstein, a board-certified OB-Gyn and functional medicine doctor, discusses why women may experience low libidos, how to identify a low libido, and ways to get your sexy back.

What’s in this episode?

0:00 What’s in this episode?

0:54 Meet Dr. Wellenstein

1:17 Dr. Wellenstein’s background

4:05 Medications and side effects

5:12 Introduction to functional medicine 

8:00 Transition to women’s health

10:14 Realizing that lipido is a hot topic

14:40 What does low lipido mean?

19:40 Is there a problem with low lipido?

22:22 Health effects of much estrogen

23:15 Vaginal dryness and pain

24:46 Hormonal replacement therapy

25:10 Alternatives to hormone therapy

25:55 Plant-based hormones

27:06 Contact Dr. Wellenstein

What you will learn:

  • What are libidos
  • How libidos are an essential part of women’s health
  • How libidos relate to menopause
  • How to identify low libidos 
  • How to increase libidos


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