Podcast 63: Buying 2 Homes in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Buying a property in Mexico can be tricky as a foreigner as the process is quite different than in North America and other parts of the world. Ada and Stefan are originally from the Bay Area in San Francisco, and now travel back and forth to their not one, but two homes in Puerto Vallarta Mexico! In this episode, they discuss their journey to buying their first and then what inspired them to purchase a second home, what they love about Puerto Vallarta, and helpful and practical advice for those who are thinking about moving to Mexico. They also share important information about how to look for a property, the purchasing process, the convenience of location, and all the practical things associated with a new property. 

Links of Interest

Check out Ada and Stephan’s YouTube Channel, Living Simply in Mexico

Here’s the video tour of their first house

Here’s the video tour of their second house

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What’s in This Episode?

0:00 What’s in this episode?

1:44 Background about Ada & Stefan

5:10 Finding a house

8:05 Knowing what you want 

10:40 House Renovations

12:28 Convenience of location

12:55 Purchasing process

14:44 The decision to buy a property

17:12 The romantic zone

22:50 Thinking about utilization

26:20 Grocery stores

27:46 Practical textiles 

30:32 What to keep in mind

What You Will Learn

  • How to figure out what you want in a property
  • How to find a property in Mexico
  • How the purchasing process works
  • Practical things to keep in mind such as choice of textiles


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