Podcast 64: Amazingly Affordable Living in Mazatlan Mexico


Journalist and author of Why We Left: An Anthology of American Women Expats, Janet Blaser, joins us to share her experience living in Mazatlán, Mexico for the past 15 years. What sets Mazatlán apart from more popular cities like Puerto Vallarta is that tourism is not its main industry. For about 100 years, Mazatlán has been known as a port city and, interestingly, its tuna industry. Along the coastline there is the malecon or boardwalk for jogging, biking, and shopping at the many plazas. The malecon is also the location of many annual events and festivities such as international marathons and carnivals. In addition to the stunning culture, Janet dives into the affordability, safety, joys and challenges of living in Mazatlán, Mexico.

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What’s in this episode?

0:00 What’s in this episode

2:25 Janet’s inspiration to move to Mexico

4:01 Culture in Mazatlán

5:01 Moving and timing

6:12 Where is Mazatlán

7:21 Beaches and ports in Mazatlán

7:45 Malecon and festivities

8:47 Why Janet loves Mazatlán

9:56 Affordability of living in Mazatlán

12:56 Electricity cost

14:30 Water and gas cost

15:02 Affordable dental care 

15:34 Trash pick up and recycling

15:57 Documents for renting an apartment

17:40 Janet’s current apartment

19:42 Safety and living as a single woman

23:30 Where to do your research 

24:33 Challenges of living in Mazatlán

31:30 Driving over the border of Mexico

34:39 Who would love living Mazatlán

37:55 Janet’s book: Why We Left: An Anthology of American Women Expats

What you will learn:

  • What makes Mazatlán different from other cities
  • Location and culture in Mazatlán
  • Affordability of living in Mazatlán
  • Documentation needed for renting an apartment
  • Safety of living in Mazatlán
  • Challenges of living in Mexico


  1. Brian

    I’m very interested in moving to Mexico. My wife and I would want to rent not buy. Can you help?

    • Risa Morimoto

      Where are you looking to move in Mexico? Have you decided?

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