Podcast 66: Creating Mindfulness in Uncertain Times: It’s Okay Not to Be Okay


“It’s ok not to feel ok but you have to know what you are feeling in order to move through it.” —Michelle Maldonado

Are you feel frustrated, anxious, or uncertain about the new year? Mindfulness teacher and emotional intelligence expert, Michelle Maldonado joins me on this episode to work through the emotions that we may or or may not be aware. She discusses how emotions actually shows up as physiological sensations in the body before we are even aware of it. Emotions impact our decisions and our behaviors, so If we are aware sooner, we can minimize the negative physiological and psychological effects.

So, how can we be aware of our emotions if they show up before our conscious identifies it? Create a body map. Match the emotions that you feel with the body part that you feel it in. You might feel tingling in the hands when you feel anxious and fullness in the chest when you feel love. 

You can also start a dedicated or integrated practice to check in with your body. Michelle has a dedicated practice where she meditates for 30 minutes everyday. In this episode, she walks us through an integrative practice called the the three breath practice. You don’t have to set aside time for this practice. You can do it anywhere and no one has to know. Listen in to learn what it means to attach attention and intention to these 3 breaths. 

What’s in this episode?

00:00 What’s in this episode 

2:05 Emotions running high

2:42 Caring for children or parents and stress

4:15 Coping habits for stress

5:58 Anxiety, love, and fear

7:00 Physiology of emotions

9:33 The Iowa gambling task

13:12 Information gap in the body and the mind

14:40 Situations that cause anxiety

12:12 Where anxiety shows up in your body

19:44 Listening to your emotions and your body

24:00 Mental health and stigma 

25:50 Feeling the feels

27:10 Feeling alone versus lonely

27:57 Feeling love

32:27 How smiling can help with pain and stress

33:02 Creating a body map

35:10 Dedicated practice versus integrated practice

36:26 The Three breath practice

38:18 Make a declaration, ask a question, set an intention

What you will learn:

  • Physiological impact of emotion
  • Situations that cause anxiety and stress
  • How to create a body map
  • How to implement a dedicated practice
  • How to implement an integrated practice


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