Podcast 67: Creating Mindfulness in Uncertain Times: Moving from Fear to Empowerment

fear to empowerment mindfulness

Uncertainty often brings anxiety and fear. In the previous episode, mindfulness teacher and emotional intelligence expert Michelle Maldonado talked about the importance of understanding how we feel and where it manifests physiologically. In this episode, Michelle dives into the body and brain connection of emotions – specifically fear. Fear is often found underlying higher level emotions expressed in the moment such as anxiety, anger, or jealousy. It’s okay to feel fear because we are hard-wired to respond this way to threats and uncertainty. However, we need to take proactive action to disrupt fear to prevent our brains from forming a habit of eliciting fear. With exploration and practice, you will find the tools and techniques that work for you. Start exploring by listening in to this episode where Michelle shares effective tools such as R.A.I.N., journaling, and four agreements to yourself.

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What’s in this episode?

0:00  Being okay, not to be okay

1:24  Moving from fear to empowerment

2:26  Recap: It’s okay not to be okay

4:40  Fear: the shake shifter

7:15  Vulnerability and acknowledgment

9:15  What makes you feel vulnerable or insecure

12:30 More than good enough

15:23 The importance of social connection

16:58 The hard-wired response to fear

17:40 How the structure of your brain can change

20:15 Cognitive resilience and mindfulness

23:19 Pessimism and personalization

28:00 Taking time off and asking for help

31:05 Stimulus, space, and power to choose

33:16 Consistency and repetition

33:3  Techniques: R.A.I.N.

38:45 Digging deeper and finding out why

41:16 Moving with and moving through

43:05 Acceptance: Acknowledgement of reality

45:50 Pausing and taking a deep breath

47:00 The four agreements with yourself

49:59 Doing your best

53:30 Creating a new habit or routine

What you will learn:

  • How fear manifests as other emotions
  • How fear can change the structure of your brain
  • How the fear is hard wired and can become a cycle
  • Effective tools for cognitive resilience and for breaking the fear cycle


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