Podcast 69: Creating Mindfulness in Uncertain Times: Keeping Authentic Connections


In Part 4 of our 6 part series on Creating Mindfulness in Uncertain Times, mindfulness teacher and emotional intelligence expert Michelle Maldonado dives into the topic of psychological safety. Psychological safety is a state of mind that we all subconsciously strive for and it rests on feeling engaged in meaningful work and feeling purposeful. When psychological safety is present, we feel more connected and inspired. In order to create psychological safety, we must first achieve compassion and empathy. Michelle shares that authentic connection with others is the key to achieving compassion, empathy, and ultimately psychological safety. She shares valuable tools to help us stay connected such as having virtual family dinners, rediscovering old hobbies, and reaching out to help others.

What’s in this episode?

0:00 What’s in this episode

3:10 What is psychological safety

7:25 Compassion and safety

10:53 Belonging and unity

12:18 Barriers to connecting with others

15:20 Context and mindset 

19:55 Cultivating psychological safety

23:15 Maintaining connections with others

25:33 Connecting virtually

28:40 Rediscovering old hobbies 

30:12 Eating well and moving 

33:16 Reaching out for help or to help 

36:34 Being opening and flexible to change

38:47 Supporting others needs40:46 Drink all the time

What you will learn:

  • What is psychological safety
  • Why compassion and empathy is important
  • How to cultivate compassion, empathy, and psychological safety
  • Ways to stay connected with others

Read more about Michelle here.


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