Podcast 71: Creating Mindfulness in Uncertain Times: Presence

presence mindfulness

In the final segment of our 6-part series on Creating Mindfulness in Uncertain Times, mindfulness teacher and emotional intelligence expert Michelle Maldonado guides us through managing the present and preparing for the future with emotional intelligence. She discusses what it means to be fully present — paying attention to what’s present in the mind, body, and external environment with an attitude of kindness and curiosity. When we are fully present, it shifts the quality of our awareness. Just like presence, there are many dimensions to awareness. When we deepen our awareness of self, others, and surroundings, we can effectively manage ourselves, and prepare for what’s coming. Putting everything together, presence, awareness, and self-management cannot be achieved without compassion and empathy.

What’s in this episode?

1:30 Recap of the series

2:55 Being fully present

6:51 Emotional intelligence

8:51 Four domains of intelligence

9:10 Awareness of self, others, and the environment

14:02 Awareness of others perception of you

15:12 Self management

17:35 Intention versus impact

19:45 Multilayered compassion

23:05 The importance of self kindness to prepare for 

25:49 What compassion looks like

28:39 How compassion can look fierce

33:11 Asking questions to teach compassion

37:12 Gathering your attention

37:50 Looking for your intention 

38:45 Checking in with your surroundings 

49:51 When to go through G.R.A.C.E. 

42:45 Journaling to create something new

43:26 Sharing what’s inside you

What you will learn:

  • The four domains of emotional intelligence
  • The multi-dimensions of awareness
  • How effective self management can be achieved 
  • How to use G.R.A.C.E. to address the present and prepare for the future


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