Podcast 73. How Cannabis and CBD can Help you Improve Your Sleep Issues With Dr. June Chin and Elana Frankel

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Many people take lack of sleep as a normal disorder, but they don’t know the causes or how to cure it.

Insomnia is persistent, and an absence of sleep can lead to severe mental and physical ailments. Many have opted for different methods to help them curb their lack of sleep, like the use of alcohol or prescription medication. But did you know Cannabis or CBD can be an effective option?

Cannabis and CBD have incredible healing power and can potentially provide relief and enhance your overall well-being. Information overload and not knowing whom to trust cause many people to be confused and overwhelmed about cannabis and CBD and its potential to help with a myriad of health conditions including sleep.

As many individuals get educated on medical cannabis and CBD, it is slowly gaining popularity. Subsequently, physicians are recognizing the amazing health advantages cannabis and CBD provide. Physicians are integrating cannabis and CBD to cure various health issues, like severe pain, anxiousness, depression, stress, perimenopause, and so much more.

People are gaining awareness of its potential medicinal benefits, which have assisted millions of individuals suffering from various health conditions. 

In this episode, integrative cannabis physician Dr. June Chin and author of Women and Weed, Elana Frankel talk about how cannabis and CBD can help us get better sleep and the ways we can improve our sleep hygiene.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[03:22] Dr. June talks about some reasons why people lack sleep. She also explains the importance of exercising when you wake up.

[04:32 ] Elana and Dr. June talks about how cannabis can help when having sleep issues

[05:02] Elana talks about breathwork – She explains the best time to do breathwork and how it helps. Elana also recommends some breathwork techniques.

[06:57] Dr. June explains what CBD does physiologically in your body to enhance relaxation and have the best sleep

[08:05] Dr. June and Elana explain the effectiveness of CBD – Its impact when taken daily. Why hormonal variation impacts the efficacy of CBD? At what point should a person reach their health status to be recommended CBD?

[10:40] Elana talks about the importance of reading the ingredients and researching third-party products before consuming them.

[11:47] Dr. June talks about the effectiveness of the cannabinoid CBN compared to CBD and THC. How many doses of CBN should you be taking? For people who are already taking prescription medicines or alcohol to try to help them sleep, how do they integrate cannabis? Elana explains how consuming alcohol before sleeping affects your health and sleep disruption.

[15:00] Dr. June expounds on the recommendation of stacking, how many doses one should take, and how much is recommended at the starting point.

[17:00] Elana and Dr. June explain the different strains of THC, and how taking plant medicine can help you cooperate with a holistic lifestyle?

[21:34] Dr. June and Elana explain the effects of cannabis on women compared to men. 

About Dr. June Chin and Elana Frankel

Dr. June Chin has specialized in integrative medicine for almost 20 years. Dr. Chin founded and operated seven bicoastal integrative medicine clinics. She has a unique perspective on cannabis-based therapies that incorporates the lessons of data science, crowd-sourced experiential knowledge, and individualized treatment strategies. 

Through her work as a co-founder and advisor of several cannabis start-up companies, consultant for industry leadership, speaker at conferences internationally, and author, she has created medical cannabis protocols for the industry and internationally accepted methods for cannabinoid formulations, research, education, and training programs. 

She is currently teaching Cannabis Health and Science Course at Syracuse University and was recently appointed to the Advisory Board for the New York State Governor’s Office of Cannabis Management. 

Dr. June created the digital course with Modern Aging – Medical Cannabis and CBD For Women’s Health in 2021.

Her training includes Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University, Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in California, Medical Acupuncture at Harvard University, and research at Columbia University, Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Women’s Health. Her work has been featured in Forbes, LA Times, CNN, and Good Morning America, among others. The book she co-authored, Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness, was published in June 2019. 

Elana Frankel has been working above the ground in the Cannabis industry for the past seven years.

She started an e-commerce business, Indigo and Haze; developed product; founded the magazine Women and Weed; authored a book with the same title; serves as Chief Growth Officer for MedialCannabisMentor.com; produces documentaries; writes freelance for various publications; volunteers for the Oregon Cannabis Commission, health equity sub-committee member; consults regularly for companies who value creativity; teaches yoga and meditation with a focus on Cannabis; and even worked as a dispensary associate (at the height of Covid) for Curaleaf, Hudson Valley. 

Elana has been featured in the media, including CNN and The New York Times, and on various podcasts. Her writing has appeared in the WSJ/Off Duty, Cannigma.com, Architectural Digest, NY Magazine, and House Beautiful, to name a few. She has been an editor at Martha Stewart Living and served as VP. She was taking care of the creatives at One Kings Lane for over 5 years, when the company was still a start-up, developing the brand, voice, and visual identity.

How to Connect with Dr. June Chin

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-june-chin-77bbb1140/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/drjunechin/?hl=en

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MedLeafRx/

Website – https://www.medleafrx.com/ www.CBDwomenhealth.co

How to Connect with Elana Frankel

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/elanafrankel/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/elanafrankel/?hl=en

About Risa Morimoto

Founder and CEO of Modern Aging, Risa is a certified integrative nutritional health coach. She is passionate about ensuring people live the second half of their life feeling strong, fulfilled, and empowered.

Though she is the host of the Modern Aging YouTube Channel, but she has spent most of her career behind the camera as a producer and director of documentaries (Wings of Defeat, Broken Harmony: China’s Dissidents) and TV (HGTV – House Hunters International, Selling NY, Animal Planet, A&E). 

Through Modern Aging, she deep dives and shares her findings on alternative, global approaches to holistic health and wellness. 


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