Podcast 74. How to Obtain a Mexican Visa and Residency with Dr. Gabrielle Smith

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Have you been scouring the Internet to find out what you really need to do to get a temporary visa to live in Mexico, or maybe you want to fast-track your permanent residency?

When you search online, tons of information is available but are they reliable? Moreover, with so many pieces of information available, it can become overwhelming, and you don’t know what to believe and whom to believe.

Retiring in Mexico city offers many benefits, from the diverse climate to the wide range of activities you can enjoy. For example, you can go on rainforest hikes or read a book by the beach, and you will have more free time and can do things you might have to put off until later. In addition, Mexico has excellent medical facilities, including many private facilities with high standards.

If you’re planning on retiring in Mexico, you must ensure you have all the information about the process and the dos and don’ts.

In this episode, Dr. Gabrielle Smith, an Immigration Facilitator in Mexico, talks about how you can get a visa and residency in Mexica to retire. She expounds on many other topics to help you acquire a thorough pass to Mexico. 

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:12] Dr. Gabrielle shares her story of moving to Mexico

[03:44] Dr. Gabrielle talks about the tourist permit visa – What are some of the policy changes in the tourist permit visa? What types of residency can you get on your retirement, and how can you acquire one? What documents do you need to submit to get a residency visa?

[08:25] If you are a digital nomad, how do you get permission to work from Mexico?

[09:29] What are the different temporary residency options, and how can you convert them to permanent residency? How much does the temporary residency cost? How to renew a temporary residency? And what is the difference between temporary & permanent residency?

[14:39] At what point can you apply for permanent residency, and what are the steps of applying for permanent residency? Why importing your car is not a good idea when you are shifting to Mexico? What is the fee for permanent residency?

[19:43] The process of flying to different countries when you have a temporary or permanent residency.

[20:45] What do you need to do when your residency card is getting expired?

[26:48] Dr. Gabrielle’s advice on how to prepare for residency when you are planning to shift. She also shares a piece of key information for smooth immigration, which most people struggle with.

About Dr. Gabrielle Smith – 

Dr. Gabrielle Smith is a renowned immigration facilitator who resides in Mexico. She helps people who want to enjoy their retirement in Mexico.

Dr. Gabrielle Smith is a highly skilled education professional with experience in areas of discipline and classroom management training and professional development, English as a Second/Foreign Language, and Spanish language instruction and curriculum development. 

She has extensive knowledge of policy and practice facing juveniles in the juvenile justice system. Significant coursework in child and adolescent development, the school needs assessments and evaluation, curriculum design, qualitative research design, school leadership, and intercultural studies. 

Dr. Gabrielle is also a qualitative researcher well-versed in research design and implementation methodology. Her education experience ranges from Spanish and Intercultural Studies to Educational Leadership.

How to connect with Dr. Gabrielle Smith:

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/DrGResidency


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