Podcast 76. CBDA vs. CBD – Why CBDA Is More Effective And Efficient For Pain Relief With Stacy Cason

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Cannabis and CBD has been quite the game changer for millions of people who are chronic sufferers. But have you heard of CBDA?

CBDA is the compound before it’s extracted to become CBD. CBDA potentially has higher effectiveness and can be more efficient than CBD at activating the serotonin receptor, which reduces anxiety and nausea. 

CBDA is effective in treating anxiety and pain, insomnia, nausea, epilepsy, and other conditions like anxiety. 

In this episode, Founder and CEO of Planetarie, Stacy Cason digs deep into her understanding of CBD and CBDA and why CBDA can potentially be an effective medicine to treat many different ailments. She also talks about the recent research on how CBDA can potentially prevent COVID-19.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:00] The background history of Stacy Cason. Stacy talks about how she discovered planetarie.com, why she decided to focus on it, and the difference between CBD and CBDA.

[07:12] Stacy explains why cannabis industries focus mainly on CBD, not CBDA.

[10:06] Stacy elaborates on what forms of CBDA are used to treat pain and some other ways you can use CBDA. 

[13:37] Stacy explains how one can prescribe CBDA to themselves. 

[17:10] Stacy’s definition of terpenes and how it is used in CBDA. Stacy also talks about the different products she has created from CBDA and how it benefits people.

[22:18] Stacy expounds on CBDA and Covid-19. How do they relate?

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About Stacey Cason –

Stacy Cason, CEO and founder of Planetarie, a water-extracted hemp business in Colorado, is a specialist in healthier alternatives to alcohol-derived cannabinoids. 

Stacy Cason is a case study in taking the road less traveled. Starting with a 15-year tenure as a medical professional holding role as an ICU Nurse and anesthesiology nurse practitioner (CRNA), Cason had a front-row seat to pain management and the effects of the opioid crisis. But it was her offshoot career as a real estate developer that serendipitously led her into the world of hemp and changed the trajectory of her career and we believe, the world of pain management.

Stacy got into hemp first as a grower, as a business strategy to develop land she recently purchased, believing in the medicinal power of hemp and its alignment with her vision to offer non-addictive, natural alternatives for pain management. She discovered there was a processing issue when she went to harvest her crops, realizing as a scientist that the efficacy of hemp was being diminished by the current industry standard processing methods — ethanol and CO2 — which degrade the living cannabinoids, rendering them less bioavailable.

Cason believed there had to be a healthier way, and had the entrepreneurial audacity to engineer a new processing method that would retain the living cannabinoids, delivering the full medicinal benefits of hemp, with none of the harm, through fully stabilized, raw CBDa. Through tireless research, passion and development, Cason founded Planetarie and created an environmentally friendly water-extraction technology. 

Knowing she was able to offer the industry a better form of CBD, Cason developed a manufacturing facility with the objective of being an ingredient supplier. But she was quickly disillusioned when she realized the race to the CBD market was cluttered with marketers eager to make CBD claims, many of which did not share Cason’s commitment to efficacy, transparency and integrity. And so she made another career pivot, developing her own pain management product line: Planetarie. The first and only water-extracted CBDa line, delivering the raw, most bio-available medicinal benefits of hemp to the consumer through a range of topical and ingestible delivery systems. 

In addition to her role helming Planetarie, Cason — a rural north Louisiana native — is a scientist, athlete and businesswoman who believes in inspirational leadership and integrity. An avid learner, Cason accumulated numerous degrees including a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, Masters of Science in Anesthesiology, an Executive Masters of Business Administration, and is an alumnus of Harvard University. Cason presently resides with her golden retriever in Colorado, where she also holds titles of Ironman, bodybuilder, investor, speaker and an active philanthropist.

How to Connect with Stacy Cason:

LinkedIn –  https://www.linkedin.com/company/planetarie/

Instagram –  https://www.instagram.com/planetarie_official/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/people/Planetarie_Official/100082345056236/

Website –  https://www.planetarie.com/

About Risa Morimoto – 

Founder and CEO of Modern Aging, Risa is a certified integrative nutrition health coach. She is passionate about ensuring people live the second half of their life feeling strong, fulfilled, and empowered.

Though Risa is the host of the Modern Aging YouTube Channel, she has spent most of her career behind the camera as a producer and director of documentaries (Wings of Defeat, Broken Harmony: China’s Dissidents) and TV (HGTV – House Hunters International, Selling NY, Animal Planet, A&E). 

Through Modern Aging, she deep dives and shares her findings on alternative, global approaches to holistic health and wellness. 


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