Podcast 78. The Benefits Of Hydrogen On Health And Performance with Alex Tarnava

hydrogen water

Did you know that hydrogen-rich water (hrw) can protect your body? It can help you improve sleep, overall health, and recovery from muscle soreness.

Hydrogen has a regulatory role in our cells. In fact, our mitochondria evolve from a hydrogen-dependent organelle, and every cell in our bodies has a base level of hydrogen gas in it. That is not all; a lot of bacteria in our bodies also produces hydrogen while other consumes hydrogen, which shows the integral role of hydrogen.

Most of us aren’t healthy all the time, and hydrogen can help us address chronic conditions and different stresses on a day-to-day basis. If you work out too hard, hydrogen might help you recover from that. If you didn’t sleep well enough, hydrogen helps you be your best and improve sleep outcomes. 

In this episode, Alex Tarnava, the founder and CEO of Drink HRW, talks about the science behind hydrogen, why it’s so effective and how you should take it. He also discusses their products and how we should fight all those free radicles and optimize our health for longevity.  

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[01:43] Alex shares his journey and how he discovered the power of hydrogen. 

[09:22] How hydrogen works in our bodies, and why is it so effective? 

[14:59] Hydrogen’s role in reducing oxidative stress and why oxidative stress every once in a while is good for our health.

[17:59] What is autophagy, and how hydrogen enhances the process to promote health?

[19:18] How hydrogen impacts overall wellness, and the specific instance where it’s best to take hydrogen to improve your outcome? How long do you have to wait to see a difference after taking hydrogen?

[23:56] Alex’s advice on how often to take hydrogen and tailor it to your needs to benefit 

[25:21] Alex’s Drink HRW products, how they work, and how to use them for maximum benefit. 

[28:29] Ageless Defense capsules and how they stop the formation and protect us from the effect of AGES (Advanced glycation end-products)

[33:14] Boost and how it helps build and maintain muscle mass and provides mental and physical stimulation without creating reliance 

About Alex Tarnava – 

Alex Tarnava has a passion for health and fitness, learning, and self-improvement. After a lifetime of sports activity, he was shocked to find he’d developed osteoarthritis while still in his physical prime. Unwilling to give up his way of life, he dosed himself regularly with Naproxen to counter the pain and discomfort he lived with every day. Over time, the drug’s effects lessened while the gastrointestinal side effects increased.

Searching for alternatives, Alex scoured the internet medical sites looking for emerging treatments that would help, reading hundreds of published articles in the process. This was where he happened upon the potential of molecular hydrogen. Skeptical at first, the more he read, the more interested he became in its potential.

Testing every available commercial product on the market, he was disillusioned by their claims and lack of effectiveness. None of the companies came close to providing a product that was even close to what was being tested in human studies across the scientific world. None had the hydrogen saturation he knew from reading the science was necessary to effect results.

Motivated by pain and the hope he garnered from his research, he began to experiment with ways of replicating the dosage levels being used successfully across the scientific community. After a time, he realized he needed real expertise and sought out Dr. Richard Holland’s counsel.

After a thrilling ride through discovery, multiple experimentations, and finally success, Rejuvenation hydrogen tablets are finally ready for the public. Alex remains committed to bringing relief through Rejuvenation and several other planned products to not just other sufferers but anyone interested in preventative health and longevity. Together, his team wants to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience the tremendous benefits of daily use of molecular hydrogen in a safe and effective manner.

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