Podcast 83. Everything You Need to Know Before You Move to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with Michelle Wedderburn 

san miguel de allende mexico

In today’s world, it’s easy to believe that we live in a global village. But no matter how technologically connected we are, the truth is that most people in the world have never left their country. In order to be a global citizen with an understanding of other cultures and the value of diversity, it is important to explore and experience other cultures firsthand. If you’re looking for a destination full of culture and history, Mexico could be the right place for you.

Mexico is a friendly country with plenty of potential. There is culture, great food, and natural beauty everywhere.  However, there are many things you should know before you move to Mexico. Learning about the culture and climate, safety concerns, and the economy can help you decide if Mexico is right for you!

In this episode, Michelle Wedderburn, the Founder and CEO of Expat Life Mexico (formerly Afro Expats) and, most recently, Casa ELM Boutique Guesthouse, joins us. She talks about her great experience living in San Miguel de Allende. Michelle shows us a better way to navigate your travel or move to Mexico. Fear can sometimes overwhelm your thoughts on moving abroad, but Michelle dares you to make that decision and try it yourself. 

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:04] Meet and greet Michelle Wedderburn and hear a bit of her backstory. 

[03:31] What attracted Michelle to San Miguel de Allende, and why she chose to reside there

[08:19] Michelle describes San Miguel de Allende

[11:40] Why is Mexico a soft landing for those who want to have a life abroad?

[14:34] What airports are closest to San Miguel de Allende

[15:35] Cost of living between Mexico & USA 

[24:35] Approximate monthly expenses for Michelle and her family

[30:48] Michelle’s business ventures in Mexico and what she plans for the future

About Michelle Wedderburn – 

Michelle Wedderburn is the Founder and CEO of Expat Life Mexico (formerly Afro Expats) and, most recently, Casa ELM Boutique Guesthouse. As an expat mentor and relocation consultant, she helps people confidently navigate their temporary or permanent move to San Miguel de Allende.

Her relocation tours provide individuals with a full week of comprehensive information about San Miguel neighborhoods, buying/renting real estate, how to obtain Mexican Residency, medical insurance, plus enjoy excursions and more. Guests will instantly be connected to local expats in these areas and other expats in San Miguel while deciding if this is a good fit for their new life abroad.

How to connect with Michelle Wedderburn:

Websites: https://www.expatlifemexico.com/ 


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-wedderburn-1aaa1320a/


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