Podcast 90: Feeling Disconnected? Find Your Spiritual Awakening with Christina Lopes

christina lopes spiritual awakening

If you feel like there’s something more to life than what you are currently experiencing, it could be a sign of a spiritual awakening. You don’t have to wait for anything negative or traumatic to happen in order to have an awakening – it can actually be spontaneous and freeing when achieved without any external influence. To experience this kind of awakening, start by removing distractions and going deeper within yourself to gain a greater level of awareness and discernment. This will allow you to access higher levels of consciousness that can happen anytime, like when you are walking down the street.

Sometimes when you feel disconnected, like something is missing, and life is passing you by it can be a sign that you need to take a step back and go inward. These triggering experiences are an invitation to delve into ourselves and explore the world of spiritual awakening within. By exploring our soul’s purpose, we can gain more insights into what our true calling in life might be.

In this episode, Christina Lopes, a life coach and spiritual teacher, provides insight and guidance on healing past wounds and trauma and finding spiritual awakening. With her help, you can learn to move forward in life and discover your true purpose.

Let’s jump in!

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[01:57] Christina’s career background and how she got into the life coaching space.    

[08:04] Why and how do we attach our identity to trauma and the bad things that happen to us?

[11:52] How do you know if you have a spiritual awakening? And do things have to get worse for us to have a spiritual awakening? Find out! 

[18:23] Spirituality Vs. Religion. How to step into spirituality with a nonreligious connotation

[21:30] Steps to tune back in to reconnect with our energy and chakra. 

[27:07] Technology’s light and shadow sides are based on its ability to connect and disconnect us.

[31:31] Where and how to start doing the inner work and going deeper to heal, get more clarity and be more lively? 

[37:24] Doing the healing work to shift lower vibration energy to higher vibrations.

About Christina Lopes – 

Christina Lopes, DPT, MPH, spent a decade working as a neuropediatric clinician before becoming a life coach, spiritual teacher, author, and entrepreneur. In 2013, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening, followed by 4 years of solitude and deep meditation training. In those years, Christina experienced her spiritual awakening with “science eyes,” opened her severely blocked heart, and healed from significant childhood trauma.

Today, she seamlessly bridges science and spirituality to help others heal from significant trauma, open their hearts, and live fulfilling lives. She is also committed to making spirituality more measurable and down-to-earth for the average person. Christina’s unique coaching style includes a focus on the heart as the primary driver of healing and transformation instead of the mind. Through her heart-centered coaching approach, Christina assists others in achieving their fullest potential, living with deep purpose, creating massive impact in the world, and doing all this with joy and happiness.

Christina’s 16-year career is multifaceted and spans exercise science, wellness, fitness, nutrition, neuropediatrics, mindfulness, energy medicine, life coaching, neuroscience, and spirituality. She’s been a life coach and spiritual teacher since 2014, working with hundreds of clients from all over the world, especially through her immersive premium coaching program (Heart Alchemy) and her intensive individual retreats (Heart Accelerator). Christina holds a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from New York University and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University.

How to connect with Christina Lopes:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ChristinaLopes

Instagram: @theheartalchemist


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