Podcast 92: Fitness and Body Strength at 65 with Shebah Carfagna

fitness at 65 shebah

As we age, maintaining our health and fitness can be more challenging. Poor posture, sitting at a computer for long hours, and other lifestyle factors can lead to neck pain and sagging skin. Fortunately, some easy exercises can help alleviate these issues. These exercises can help strengthen neck muscles, improve flexibility, reduce pain and even firm up skin. With regular practice, these simple yet effective exercises will help us stay healthy and fit as we grow older.

Make a commitment to become healthier and fitter this year. With the right motivation, you can achieve your fitness goals. You can do this through dietary changes, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments. Shebah Carfagna’s episode today will inspire you to continue that journey toward health and wellness. So why not kick off your New Year with a bang by getting healthy and fit?

In this episode, Shebah Carfagna reveals her secrets for staying fit and healthy as you age. At 65, Shebah has a fitness level that surpasses most people in their 30’s. She shares some of the exercises she does at home to stay strong and healthy as she grows older.

Let’s jump in!

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:56] Shebah Carfagna’s backstory? Shebah’s philosophy around movement and exercise. What does Shebah’s typical day look like?

[08:53] Customizing workouts based on your lifestyle

[11:48] Importance of maintaining a proper core Postural Alignment

[17:39] How do we prevent diseases as we age?

[23:46] Ageless Workout

[26:13] Simple home exercises to keep you fit

About Shebah Carfagna – 

Shebah Carfagna is an age-defying health, wellness, and fitness professional with more than 27 years of training experience. Shebah has been a loyal fitness devotee for many years as a means to manage life stress and the responsibility of raising a special needs child. Realizing the importance of exercise as medicine for her autistic son and other special needs constituents, she founded Panache Fitness Company in 2005 to offer these groups health and wellness opportunities.

Today, Panache Fitness Company offers traditional fitness services while still serving the needs of clients with specific health conditions and chronic diseases. Shebah encourages clients to think beyond their exercise program and manage their habits to achieve a healthier lifestyle and increase longevity.

Shebah’s prior work experience included positions at the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and senior fundraising positions at the University of Miami, Florida International University, the Arsht Performing Arts Center, United Way, and the National Parkinson Foundation. She graduated from the Ohio State University with a BA degree in Marketing and Public Relations. Sheba holds professional fitness certifications in the following modalities: Spin, Pilates, BOSU, Boot Camp, TX, and Group Fitness, and is the founder of the “AGELESS WORKOUT” presented by Panache Fitness Company.

How to connect with Shebah Carfagna:

Website: https://panachefitness.com/





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