Podcast Ep 5: My Covid-19 Home Treatment Plan

Podcast Ep 5: My Covid-19 Home Treatment Plan

On this episode of Modern Aging, host Risa Morimoto shares her family’s experience with getting Covid-19. Her daughter came home with symptoms of Covid-19 in March during the beginning weeks of the pandemic.  A few days later, her husband also fell ill, but experienced different symptoms. Although her daughter and her husband contracted Covid-19 back in March when this was originally recorded (it is a video on the Modern Aging YouTube channel) and lots have changed since then (especially access to testing), her home treatment plan would have been the same — self-isolate, wash your hands frequently, drink lots of liquids, and get some rest.

Risa used natural remedies to treat her daughter and her husband’s symptoms such as a soothing ginger tea for a sore throat. She also managed to escape contracting the Coronavirus despite living in the same apartment and taking care of her family. Listen to learn about Risa’s tips on how to boost your immune system and how to create a system in your house to keep the healthy people healthy and bring the sick people back to health.

What’s In This Episode

1:04-2:05 Introduction

2:35 Daughter’s symptoms

2:38-2:45 Daughter’s home treatment

2:45-3:10 Covid-19 Testing 

3:10-3:57 Risa’s living system with her sick daughter

3:58-4:44 Feeling better, but now what?

4:45-5:01 Risa’s husband’s symptoms

5:02-5:23 Elderberry as Covid-19 treatment or immune booster

5:24-5:47 Remedy for Sore Throats

5:48-6:09 Risa’s living system with her sick husband

6:10-6:59 Challenge with pets

7:00 Thoughts about going to the hospital

7:10-7:19 Alternative to going to the hospital

7:20 What to Eat for the healthy and sick

7:40-7:59 Splendid Spoon

8:00-8:40 Attitude to get through this 

8:41 Closing

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